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Tourism in America

The United States of America has a strong and vibrant tourism sector, which is visited by millions of visitors, and tourists from different countries of the world every year; thanks to the presence of many landmarks, attractions, and scenic areas, including the scenic and charming, including: Statistics for the year two thousand and three indicated that the group of hotel reservations reached 4,415,696 million hotel rooms, and the number of tourists in the same year reached 41,212,213 million visitors and tourists.

The most important tourist attractions in America

The United States abounds in many sites, attractions, and attractive, and wonderful, and the following is a mention of the most important:

statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York City, specifically on Liberty Island, and it is a symbol of freedom, knowing that this statue was presented by the French people to the United States of America as a token of love and appreciation.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a city of amusement parks, and a huge resort located in the US state of Florida, and it was opened in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one, which includes many luxury hotels, water parks, entertainment, places of play, and fun.

White House

The White House is located in Washington, DC, and it has been the official residence of the presidents of the United States of America since the year one thousand eight hundred.

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is considered a huge museum displaying many tools, devices, and space equipment, including a shuttle object that managed to fly a distance of approximately one hundred and twenty six million miles, or about 203 kilometers.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is located in the American city of Tucson; it is an open natural park that includes a large number of cactus trees, desert plants, and many wonderful landscapes.

Central park

The Central Park is one of the most famous green spaces in the world; it includes many picturesque European-style gardens, a wonderful lake, a theater, memorials, a restaurant, and other landmarks.

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