Palm Island

المسافرون العرب

Palm Island

Dubai has reached an ancient and upscale place today, and one of the features that distinguishes the State of Dubai is the Palm Island, and is considered the largest industrial island in the world. The villa has 1.3 million dollars, and whoever makes the purchase will be granted a permanent visa for the state to reside in Dubai, and there are many hotels, high-end villas, sports clubs and more.

The islands of the Palm Island

Palm Island is divided into three main islands, among which we mention:

  • Palm Jumeirah: It is the perfect place for comfortable housing, enjoying and having a spare time, as it contains upscale residential homes and beach front apartments.
  • Palm Jebel Ali: The largest 50% of the Palm Jumeirah, and it will be a great place to spend quality time for children and adults, as it is a place to attract tourists, and contains water games and others.
  • Palm Deira: It is the largest of the three islands, located far from the Deira coast in Dubai, and it contains residential areas, clubs, hotels, and other aspects of entertainment.

touristical monuments

It is characterized by various tourist attractions, including:

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  • Burj Al Arab: It is located in the Jumeirah area in Dubai, and is considered one of the finest hotels in the world, and competes in the height of the highest international buildings, and features a charming and stunning views of the coast of Jumeirah, has been designed in the form of a sail which gave the hotel a breathtaking view, and at night it gives a view that can not be forgotten eyes and is characterized by facilities Many entertainment.
  • Atlantis Hotel: In 2008 it opened with a very large party, estimated at $ 20 million, and the Atlantis Hotel is located in Palm Jumeirah, which is two towers connected by a bridge, and is considered one of the largest hotels in Dubai, and it can go through a glass bridge under the water, It is considered the only hotel in the world with 8 stars, and there are 1.539 rooms inside it, and there is a water games city that accommodates more than 5000 visitors per day, and inside it contains a full life of various marine animals and fish, and within it there are 27 health clubs, and life can be watched The marine and the stunning scenery it contains through the glass tunnels below water.
  • Dubai Zoo: It is located in the picturesque Jumeirah area, and is considered one of the oldest zoos in Dubai.

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