Tourism to Norway

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Tourism in Norway

Norway has a strong and vibrant tourism sector, as it is visited by a large number of visitors and tourists every year, due to the presence of many places and attractions, especially in the cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, and statistics in 2003 indicated that the total hotel reservations in Norway hotels in that year amounted to about 67,114 hotel rooms, or about 35% of the total capacity, as the number of visitors to the country in the same year amounted to 3,146,000 tourists and visitors, and tourism receipts recorded nearly $ 3 billion of total GDP.

The most important tourist attractions in Norway

Norway abounds with amazing places and attractions, and the following are mentioned for their most important points:

Geranger Strait

The Geiranger Fjord is one of the most famous water fjords in Norway. It is characterized by its breathtaking natural scenery and wonderful views, although this site has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Vigeland Park

Vigeland Garden is an open museum, and the largest sculpted garden in the world; it contains a large number of statues, and sculptures made of granite, bronze, and iron, which were elaborately elaborated by the artist and sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

Tribune rock

The Minbar Rock is one of the most famous natural tourist places in Norway, and it is an interesting rock that reaches a height of about 604 meters above sea level, and gives visitors and tourists the opportunity to see amazing natural scenes from above.

Viking ships

Viking ships are very old vessels dating back to about 1100 years ago, where the Vikings people dragged these ships from sea to land, and used them to preserve their holdings of utensils, jewelry, weapons, and furniture.

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral is located in the Norwegian city of Trondheim, and is considered the tallest Gothic building in the continent of Europe, and the largest building among the medieval buildings in Scandinavia, as it is characterized by its wonderful architectural design, and its amazing decoration.


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