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Tourism in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a strong and dynamic tourism sector, which is visited by millions of visitors and tourists from all over the world to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, scenic scenery and visiting amazing tourist sites. Statistics in 2003 indicated that hotel reservations amounted to about 88,146 rooms, and the country received approximately 6,930,500 people in the same year, of whom about 22% were from the United Kingdom. The contribution of the tourism sector in 2002 was about 11.7 billion dollars of GDP.

The most important tourist attractions in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is full of many attractions and attractions, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

Royal palace

The Royal Palace is located in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, and it was built during the Dutch Golden Age, to be the seat of the city’s municipality, then it became the residence of the royal family in the country, and today it represents a place to hold important royal celebrations, knowing that visitors can , And tourists enter the palace, and see its wonderful sights.

Euromast Tower

The Euromast tower is one of the tallest buildings in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, and was built in 1960 AD, and includes a hotel suite, a restaurant at its top, and a watch area overlooking the rest of the city.


Maastricht is a historic underground archaeological site, represented by a large number of ancient caves excavated during the medieval period to extract building materials, knowing that in the twentieth century, some tunnels were expanded, and used as warehouses.

Van Neal Factory Building

Van Nelle Fabriek Building is located in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, and was built during the period (1925 – 1931 AD) as a factory for tea, coffee, and tobacco, and later converted into a factory for creative industries, which is characterized by its wonderful architectural design.

Rick’s Museum

The Rijks museum is located in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, and is considered one of the best art museums in the world; inside it displays many artworks by famous artists.

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