Where is the city of Burj Al Arab located?

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The city of Burj Al Arab

The city of Borg El-Arab is considered an industrial and residential city, and it is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt and is one of the cities of the first generation, and the city was established in 1979 AD, and was planned based on the Dutch experience, and it is about (60) kilometers from Alexandria on the Matrouh coastal road from the western side And it is about 7 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea, and it was annexed to Alexandria Governorate on February 22 of 1990.

The city is the capital of the Burj Al Arab Center, as the center includes three villages: Bahij Village, Abu Surra Village, and Gharbaniyat Village, and the population of the city was approximately (113.209) inhabitants according to 2006 estimates, and it is expected that the population after completion of the city’s growth will reach (570) One thousand people over an area of ​​(47.5) thousand feddans, and an urban bloc of up to (26.3) thousand feddans.

Its geography and climate

The city’s location is distinguished by that there are only 28 meters above sea level, which makes its climate not wet and not dry, where in the summer it is hot and in the winter it is moderate, and a project is currently being established between the Government of Finland and the Egyptian Japanese University that It is the first city in the environment friendly in Egypt, which depends on green technology.

Landmarks of the city of Burj Al Arab

  • Its internal features:
    • Scientific Research and Technology Applications City.
    • The Egyptian Japanese University.
    • Smouha Sports Club.
    • Petrosport Resort, Burj Al Arab City Branch.
    • University Hospital.
    • Burj Al Arab City Court.
    • Palace of Culture.
    • young’s Center.
    • Several ancient and ancient tombs.
    • Iberotel Borg El Arab Hotel
    • Africano Hotel.
  • Landmarks near the city:
    • Borg Al-Arab International Airport.
    • Sports stadium (Army Stadium).
    • Hilton Kings Ranch Alexandria Resort.
    • St. Mark’s School.

Places of worship in the city

The city is distinguished by the presence of many wonderfully designed mosques, including:

  • Al-Ateeq Mosque.
  • The gentle curtain.
  • merciful.
  • Islamic conquest.
  • Peace.
  • Isra.
  • The light of faith.
  • Taqwa.
  • A branch of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and a branch of the Islamic Society.
  • Church of Our Lady.

Residential projects

It is divided into cities, as follows:

  • The army and the people of Borg El-Arab
  • Engineers.
  • There are several cities under construction: Al Salam City, Alex Gate, Sumed Borg El Arab Residence, and the army and people.

City factories

  • Handy Company Factory
  • International Modern Paints.
  • FAC filter plant
  • Sanding factory.
  • Marina Plast Company.
  • Pansee Cosmetics Company
  • El Alamein Printing Factory.
  • Kimy Group.
  • International Industrial Park
  • National Oils.
  • Samar Moon for smoked fish.
  • Retouching.
  • Colors for clothes.
  • Amco Corporation.

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