The small city of Mondsee is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Austria, as it is a small town characterized by vegetables full of land, as it is located in the famous tourist area of ​​Vukla Brock, which is located in Upper Austria. Austria, one of the most important of which is its famous tourist climate, which is moderate most of the year and tends to be a little cold, and this famous federal country knows that, despite its occurrence in the middle and middle of the European continent, which led to it not containing any marine or oceanic coast, and on the side The tourist city of Vienna, which is known As the largest and most important tourist states in the region there are also eight other states that enjoy the same distinctive and picturesque natural beauty and many areas for relaxation and recreation are available to them, as the state of Austria is one of the countries most famous for its abundance of money as it is one of the richest European countries in the region and one of the most beautiful of these areas and the picturesque tourist cities that exist in the state of Austria is the city of Mondsee, which we have chosen for you specially for its picturesque tourism beauty as it is difficult to visit Austria without visiting the charming city of Mondsee ,,

The small city of Mondsee is famous for its picturesque tourism and the kindness of its people, as the number of people who live in this city reaches about more than three thousand people and the number is increasing and this city has many tourist and urban attractions that we will mention in the following lines, and It is also worth noting that this city is Mondsee close to the famous city of Salz Burg, as it is separated by about more than thirty kilometers or about twenty five minutes, and it also contains many cafes and restaurants that offer local Austrian coffee Famous and not It can be tasted only on the land of Austria, as there is any large market in which there are many needs for tourists and all the requirements of their daily lives as there are also some stores that sell souvenirs and in the following lines we will mention the most important monuments in the city of Mondsee .

Saint Michael Church
And this church is considered one of the most beautiful historical churches in the city as it reaches the date of the construction of St. Michael’s Church to about the middle of the twenty-second century as it is considered one of the largest historical churches on the territory of the entire state of Austria and this church is located in the heart of the city where it is It is characterized by Baroque motifs that are found inside and decorate it from the inside, which dates back to the days of the seventeenth century AD, and this church is characterized by the presence of a small monastery, which is characterized by its picturesque architectural beauty next to it as it contains seven altars that had been carved by the artist Minrad Gajen Bichler himself andThe one who has devoted his life to carve this monastery and the picturesque which is one of the most important monasteries in the city, in addition to a museum contains a lot of artifacts found in the city and dating back to the pre-two thousand and five hundred years BC.

Lake Mondsee
And this lake is located in the southwestern area of ​​the city, which is considered one of the most important lakes that fall under the ownership of the private sector. The length of this lake reaches about nine and a half kilometers. As for its width, it reaches about eight square kilometers. As for the total area, it is It reaches approximately sixteen and a half kilometers square. This lake is called the moon lake, due to its calm and distinctive atmosphere as it can sit on it at night and its color is distinguished by the picturesque azure color in addition to the view of the mountains in the background of the lake gives it a distinctive and wonderful appearance and can participate in many hundred activities where it can Hunting, boating and kayaking can also take part in cruises to delve deeper into this lake and see the most beautiful scenery there.

Smoke House Museum
This museum is considered one of the most beautiful monuments that can be visited also as it is a house made of wood as it contains a living room and some stables of fortune and that there are many different agricultural tools as it embodies the daily life of farmers in ancient times within their own farm .

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