Tourist cities in America

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America is one of the countries of the North American continent, officially known as the United States of America, and its capital is the city of Washington, and the system of government is a federal, presidential, and constitutional republic. And it is famous for tourism as it includes a number of tourist cities, and it is distinguished by its large area and the diversity of its tourist attractions.

Tourist cities in America

City of Chicago

Geographically located in the state of Illinois, it is astronomically located on a longitude 87.39 degrees west of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude of 41.54 degrees north of the equator, and its land area is 6061 km², and it is called the wind city, and it has twinning with many cities such as Delhi, Lahore, Birmingham, and Lucerne , Accra, and Shenyang.

The city is characterized by tourism because it contains the most beautiful skyline views in the world, international museums, picturesque public parks, and amazing architectural designs with artistic creativity, and among the most prominent tourist attractions in them:

  • Broadway Theater: It opened in the year 1924 AD, and offers performances of musical plays, and can accommodate 500 people.
  • Lincoln Zoo: It is located in the city center, and it is characterized by its diversity of animals, especially rare and unique animals.
  • Other parameters: Shakespeare Theater, the North Gallery, the Museum of Science and Industry, the shores of Lake Michigan Sandy, Navy Pier Pier, and Hyde Park.

City of Miami

Geographically located in the eastern side of the state of Florida, it was founded in the year 1825 AD, and it occupies the second position among the cities of the state of Florida in terms of area, with a land area of ​​139.86 km², as it is called the city of magic, and it has twinning with many cities such as Bogota and Santo Domingo, Lima, and its most famous tourist attractions:

  • Miami Beach Botanical Garden: It is one of the largest parks in the city.
  • Parrot Forest Island: It includes five hundred species of plants, and a thousand species of animals.
  • Miami River: It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in it.
  • Bayfront Park: It has the capacity to accommodate ten thousand people.
  • Deadland Mall: It is one of the largest malls in it, and it has 185 stores.
  • Other parameters: Coral Castle characterized by large coral-like stones, Bill Bags Cape Park which was named after this city governor, the Children’s Museum of Miami, the Miami Aquarium and it is one of the largest museums in America, the Old Boardwalk area, Dolphin Mall, and South Beach Florida.

New York City

Geographically located in the south side of the United States of America, its land area is 1,213.4 km2, and it is divided administratively into five neighborhoods, and was founded in the year 1624 AD by settlers coming from the Dutch Republic, and it is called the Big Apple.

The city is characterized by many tourist attractions such as holding religious events such as Thanksgiving, and performing shows such as the exhibition today displayed in St. Patrick, and free offers offered in Central Park, and its possession of many tourist attractions, most notably: Washington Square Park, the Empire State Building, and Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway Theater, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway Street, World Trade Center, Bronx Zoo, and Coney Island.


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