Tourist cities in Tunisia

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Tourist cities in Tunisia

There are many tourist cities in Tunisia, which include both:

  • Sidi Port Said: It is a beautiful village located on a cliff top, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This village is characterized by its cobbled streets and white houses with bright blue windows.
  • Ghilan Palace: It is a beautiful desert oasis located on the edge of the desert sand dunes, and you can enjoy watching this breathtaking view through camel rides and wandering in this area throughout the day.
  • Ancient barbarian villages: It is an ancient village located in southern Tunisia, and is characterized by its picturesque scenery interspersed with barbarian villages located on top of an ancient hill, and there are also multi-storey warehouses for storing grain, and many local markets, in addition to the city of Star Wars, which is one of the most interesting tourist places in Tunisia.
  • Cities in Tunisia, Sfax, and Kairouan: These areas contain ancient cities surrounded by walls built by Arabs and Turks, and are still used to this day.
  • Roman ruins: They are Roman ruins, and include the Roman amphitheater, which is considered one of the best Roman ruins in the world.
  • Djerba city: It is an attractive city with a long history, and is characterized by its beautiful architecture and distinguished markets.

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The Republic of Tunisia is located at 34 ° latitude and 9 ° longitude near the Mediterranean in North Africa, and its name refers to Berbers, as the term Tunisia is a barbarian term meaning spending the night, and the total area of ​​Tunisia is about 163,610 km2, which makes it the second largest country In terms of area in the world, and its population is estimated at 10,102,000, most of whom are Arabs, and a small percentage of them are Europeans and Jews. Jabal Al-Sham is the highest summit in Tunisia, with a height of 1,544 m.

Rivers and lakes in Tunisia

There are many rivers and lakes in Tunisia, including:

  • Medjerda River: It is a river that extends from Algeria and flows to the Mediterranean Sea through traffic in Tunisia. It is the longest river in Tunisia, with a length of about 450 km.
  • Lake Tunis: It is a shallow natural lake, located between Tunisia and the Gulf of Tunisia in the Mediterranean, and its area is about 37 km2.
  • Shatat Lakes Series: It is a series of salt lakes, which are often dry, and Shatt al-Zarseh is considered one of them, and it is located at an altitude of 17 meters below sea level, thus it is considered the lowest point in Tunisia.


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