Tourist places in Dammam are recommended to visit

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We will offer you through this article the best tourist places that exist in the city of Dammam, which is one of the most important tourist interfaces that exist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the city of Dammam includes a lot of attractive attractions, which many countries from all over the world come to see, and visit the distinctive and touristic places In it, so we brought you the best places that we recommend you to visit in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Tourist places in Dammam:

Dammam is distinguished as one of the cities that have its own charm and attractiveness among the other cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because the city of Dammam has a distinguished location, as it overlooks the Gulf from three different sides, and it is one of the cities of tourist attractions because it contains beaches and multiple recreational places, which We will get to know them together and among the most important and best of these places are:

First: Al Marjan Island:

Al-Marjan Island is one of the most important and best tourist attractions in the city of Dammam, because it has a wonderful and attractive view, and the island is located in the middle of the Gulf directly, and the most important characteristic of that island is the picturesque green areas that cover it, in addition to trees and green plants.

What to do on Al Marjan Island:

  • You can spend a very fun time by visiting Al Marjan Island located in Dammam, by sitting in that green area, relaxing, and away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of the city.
  • And not only that, but the island includes about four playgrounds for football enthusiasts, as well as volleyball in addition to basketball as well. As for hiking practitioners, passages were made on the island for lovers walking among green plants and this wonderful view.
  • The island also includes some other entertainment, including the village of dolphins, which holds many different dolphins shows, as well as an aquarium that includes some other marine creatures.
  • Entertainment at children is also available on Al Marjan Island, through the city that is devoted to children’s games, in addition to the ability to eat meals and delicious foods through restaurants located on the island.

Second: The Popular Village:

The popular village is one of the most important tourist places that exist in the city of Dammam, as it is considered the only one of its kind that exists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, and the most important characteristic of that village is that it contains many ancient collections that narrate the history and civilization of the various cities of the Kingdom.

What can be done in the popular village:

  • The ability to get acquainted with many of the landmarks of other affiliated cities by visiting the five floors of the popular village, which narrates the history of each city and its civilization ..
  • Enjoy watching a collection of ancient manuscripts, as well as some antiquities and antiques of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Shopping can also be enjoyed while you are in the popular village, where the village includes a group of different stores in which some types of perfumes are sold, as well as incense and also shops selling antiques and Bedouin works, and some articles made of copper metal, all in an authentic Arabic design through the design shops Saudi style.
  • It is also possible to enjoy the presence of some folklore shows that are held in the village continuously through cultural evenings and parties.
  • You can also eat delicious Arabic dishes, especially Saudi Arabia, through a group of restaurants, which you can choose from as desired, and eat whatever delicious dishes you like.

Third: Lake Cities:

Lake Cities is one of the most famous places in the city of Dammam, and the lake is one of the largest lakes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is an artificial lake, and its total area reaches more than two hundred thousand square kilometers

What to do when visiting Lake Cities:

  • Enjoy walking and walking in the lanes around the lake, and watching these green spaces that capture eyes and hearts as well. A motorbike can be rented through bicycles available around the place.
  • It is also possible to spend a very enjoyable time by sitting in front of the lake and enjoying the picturesque lake look, watching some birds above the lake and taking memorial photos of it.
  • There is also entertainment for your children, as there is a place for children around the lake, which contains many fun games for children.

Fourth: Half Moon Beach:

Half Moon Beach is also one of the best tourist places that exist in the city of Dammam, where the beach is characterized by its overwhelming beauty and its fascinating charm, which made it the best tourist front in the city of Dammam, where many come to the beach from around the world to enjoy watching that wonderful view.

What to do at the half-moon beach:

  • You can enjoy watching the blue sea water and golden sands of the beach, along with swimming.
  • Many favorite sports can be done on the beach, where the beach is quiet, and is a place for lovers of rest and relaxation.
  • It is also possible to spend quality time on the beach because it is equipped with many services in addition to tourist resorts.

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