Greece is one of the most beautiful tourist countries in the world, it has a wonderful atmosphere, especially in the summer months, which makes the demand for it huge. It has a great diversity of means of transportation, in order to be able to move easily and freely to enjoy its various tourist resorts. These means of transportation vary between buses, the rail network, and the subway, as well as a distinct internal airlines network, as well as ferries. This is all with regard to public transport, and as for private transport, there is car rental.

Transportation in Greece

Greek bus network

Buses that travel long distances or move across the islands are managed by Ktel, and they provide you with great transportation convenience in Greece, are also air-conditioned and transport you to any destination you want easily. While buses that move across the countryside become uncomfortable and outdated. Each region of the country includes its own Kettel system, which runs buses through it or to other cities in some areas. This makes the diversity of the bus network a good, quality and efficient way within the transportation system in Greece. The fare is set by the government, and all major Greek cities are linked to Athens. Bus service is run on a daily basis in villages, and stations often find in front of a cafe. For remote areas, it may be difficult to determine the times of operation of these vehicles, given that the world schedules and destinations are in the local language. But do not worry about that. You can reserve your ticket from private offices, and there you can find tables in other languages. You can also ask the employee in charge. Each passenger has their own seat number, and the number is shown on your ticket as you find it behind your seat. Buses stop almost every three hours during long trips, commuting in Greece by bus is a cheap way to see all its sights besides being comfortable. It is not necessary to purchase your ticket in advance. Whereas, you can buy a ticket on the bus. A cost of one hundred meters is taken by bus to four euros, and here is a cost for some of the famous roads that buses travel through; Athens-Thessaloniki; thirty-one euros, and the journey takes seven and a half hours. Athens-Patra; sixteen euros , And the trip takes three hours. Athens-Volos; Twenty euros, and the journey takes five hours. Athens-Corfu; forty euros, including ferry fare, and the journey takes eight and a half hours.Greek bus network


Trains are run in Greece by the Greek Railways Organization, the only drawback involved in this type of transportation in Greece is that there are only two lines of rail across the country. The first travels from Athens to Alexandroupolis Mara in Thessaloniki, and the second is the Peloponnese network which is a great way to move from Patra to Athens, Despite this disadvantage, it is a means that gives you comfort during commuting in Greece. Both lines enjoyed great development when the country was hosting the Olympic festivity, and today the Greek rail network is undergoing a major development to be expanded across the country.Train

Athens Metro

The Athens subway is a unique means of transportation in Greece and was added to the transportation system in the capital in 2004 when the country was hosting the Olympics, and during the work of it fifty thousand artifacts were discovered underground. Smoking, eating and drinking is prohibited inside the subway, the train moves around All over Athens, you find station names in Greek and Romenian. You buy them around the clock, no matter how many times you use them, it is unlimited. Many stations include ancient artifacts, and some appear as a small museum in itself. There are three lines of the Athena subway; the first (green) line operates during two stations; Piraeus and Kifissia; the second (red) line runs between; Agios Antonios and Agios Demetrius as well as Alexandros Banagolis The third line (blue) operates between Agaglio and Doxi Plantis, and it runs to Eleftherios Venizelos airport.Athens Metro

Ferries Ferries

Ferries give you the pleasure of traveling around Greece where you can enjoy the wonderful country weather in addition to stunning landscapes. Essentially available on every island, its main port is located in Piraeus, ten kilometers south of Athens. Ferries go to the Cyclades, Dodecanese Islands, the Northeast Aegean Islands, the Saronic Gulf Islands, and Crete. The second port is located in Ravenna seventy One kilometer east of Athens, it can be reached by bus service that runs every hour. Ferries depart from Evia, Wesfoss, Limnos, and North Cyclades. As for the port of Avrio in Attica, it is the main port that ferries to Kelady Island in Kia. All the North Aegean islands connect to Piraeus, and some connect to Thessaloniki. It is best to check the schedule of these ferries, especially on weekends, so it does not depart from its ports to at specific times. The ferry service works great during the summer months from March to October, while in the winter season it works little.Ferries Ferries

Car Rentals

Cars are considered the most means that gives you freedom of movement in Greece besides being safer and more comfortable, many car rental agencies are available in various Greek islands and famous tourist destinations. The main Greek roads are modern and well designed to guarantee you the ease of driving, while the small roads of each region require attention Where it becomes winding and tight.Car Rentals

Air travel

Another means of transportation is one of the best in Greece. There are fifteen global airports for international and domestic flights. The main international airport is known as Eleftherios Venizelos, there are four airlines that operate domestic flights, and Olympics Airlines mainly operates these flights. Aegean Airlines, Sky Express and Athens Airlines. Olympics Airlines is located at the airport in Athens and operates one hundred and fifty flights per day, and also has a network of forty destinations. For the Aegean Airlines, it is located in the island of Crete, and provides flights to Lesvos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Alexandroupolis, Corfu, Hania, Ioannina, Heraklion and Kavala. Sky Express lines are located in Heraklion It provides flights to Rhodes, Kos, Mytilene, Samos, Kalamata, Mykonos, Santorini, Ikaria, Yatri, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis and Terra. Finally, Athens Airlines is located in the capital, and provides daily flights to many of the most famous destinations; Thessaloniki, Santorini, Rhodes, Mick News, Cevallalonea and Zackhenthus.balrgem of quality, high-speed, efficiency and comfort provided that they are considered expensive if you’re traveling within a low budget, and in that case become the ferry and bus network optimization choice.Air travel

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