Travel advice to Marseille … which combines the past with its elegance and the present with its vitality, and predicts a bright future for tourism in France, and deserves to be called the “comprehensive city”, as it is considered the largest yacht center in France and includes 14 ports along 57 km of coast, and enjoys stunning natural scenery Its distinguished location between the hills and the sea comes, and Arab travelers give you travel advice to Marseille

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Travel advice to Marseille

* Your stay in Marseille..and the best hotel rates.

* Your stay in Marseille..and the best hotel rates.* Your stay in Marseille..and the best hotel prices..Travel tips for Marseille..We recommend you, dear tourist, to choose a small room in one of the following hotels, which provides excellent services and free and medium-cost internet if compared to others, and comes on top, “Résidence Grand Prado” The most important thing is that it is located in the center of Marseille and then, its proximity to all the sights and commercial centers there, and the hotel (Best Western Marseille Bonnefine Prado) provides free internet and includes antique museums, luxury restaurants, all entertainment and enjoyment of computers and toys, and tools for hair care and personal hygiene for free , And from a They are your options, the Hotel “Silvabel”, and is just steps away from the opera and the harbor where the scenic landscape provides excellent hotel service.* Weather in Marseille ..
* Weather in Marseille ..

* Weather in Marseille ..

The weather in Marseille is almost tropical, as it is a city similar to the cities of the Mediterranean Sea, where temperatures rise during the summer and are characterized by a beautiful sunny day. Drought resolves by winter, rain falls and humidity increases with the autumn, and the weather is moderate with the beginning of spring and the areas are covered The vast gardens are green, and in general Marseille has a moderate climate throughout the year, so we find it open to tourists throughout the year.

* The right time to visit Marseille …

Travel advice to Marseille, recommends that you go to Marseille in the summer, especially July, and it is characterized by a warm, moderate sunny weather, and the sun shines most days of the year, which facilitates the possibility of touring the city throughout the days of the year, and the climate in Marseille is almost tropical and it is cold in the winter with rain, and you can visit it in Its four seasons, its picturesque nature, plants and gardens, adorn the city throughout the year.

* Movement in Marseille … the best and cheapest means.

Travel advice to Marseille..Avoid taxi rides, as its cost is high in Marseille, and you can count on any other method, and fortunately for you, Marseille includes a large network of various means of transportation between, new bicycles, and helps you to move around the city with ease and it is rented per night and its cost Low, and then come tram, metro and one-ticket system, which is valid for one hour, in addition to buses that make a new trip every 15 minutes, and all these means are within your reach and will not cost you much.

* The best food in Marseille … and the best prices.

* The best food in Marseille ... and the best prices.* The most delicious food in Marseille..and the best prices..The French cuisine is famous for providing the most delicious and best foods in the world, and it is characterized by the diversity of eastern and western Mapet dishes, and perhaps the dangerous pasta dish is the most popular food there, in addition to seafood, and you cannot miss eating eastern food in The Lebanese “Fayrouz” hotel, which excels at providing delicious dishes at low prices, is indispensable to pastries, pizza, pies and cakes dipped in chocolate sauce, and croissants for breakfast.

* Shopping in Marseille … and get to know the best and cheapest centers and shops ..

* Shopping in Marseille ... get to know the best and cheapest centers and shops.* Shopping in Marseille … Get to know the best and cheapest centers and shops..Travel tips for Marseille..Marseille markets include everything the world desires from clothing and brands, antiques and antiques, sculptures and drawings in the “Ogi” market, and for music lovers the direction of a music store ” Vinyl “and watching musical performances, decorating the walls with graffiti graphics, and on your way you will find the” La Licorne “market, and acquired the best and finest souvenirs for the family and loved ones, as it is famous for producing olive oil from more than 6 centuries ago and acquired the most beautiful perfumes from the boutique Com Atelier in the same market, For low tech products FH, Button “neighborhood Nway” market is characterized by the sale of Arab products less Alasar.aqro also: Economic aviation in France .. major airlines French economic

* Do not miss to visit these places in take a tour like no other.

* Do not miss to visit these places in take a tour like no other.* Do not miss to visit these places in take a tour like no other ..– Do not miss the visit of the cathedral “Nortdamme de la Grille”, and see the scenic views of the sea and the city where the cathedral is located on top of a hill and adjacent to it by many historical monuments .– Take a tour in Opera and see artistic performances, dance and singing on the music tones there. – Enjoy practicing sports on the beaches, open theaters and water park in Marseille. Fu Yen. ”- Go to the largest children’s museum in the world and enjoy seeing its collections. – Get more comfort and recuperation in the city’s gardens, which cover half of its area, so gardens and parks were established on an area of ​​400 acres, on top of which is the Faro Palace and Burleigh Park. – Watch Stone statues of tigers and lions, dating back to the nineteenth century, at the palace of “Lonshan who”, and took memorial photos of gardens and fountains attached to the palace. Poilapais. ”- Go to the“ Vieux po rt, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful ports in Marseille, and you enjoy the scenic views of the splash of sunlight on the water, and take the best souvenir pictures of the magical sunset scene, and eat a fish meal that you will not forget for the life of the finest types of fish in the world. , Where artifacts and books help to discover Marseille culture and civilization. Take commemorative photos of the Marseille Cathedral, which overlooks the sea and enjoy watching the most beautiful paintings when water, air and green spaces meet. More For 6000 years, the Greeks settled there for a period of time and included a picturesque monument building according to the high-level architectural style. – You can enjoy the beauty of the old buildings and buildings in Marseille, for free, and the same is true for the churches that open their doors to receive tourists from the early morning, and the number of visitors to one million Half of them flock to enjoy her fairy paintings, drawings and graffiti on the walls. Read also: The most beautiful tourist places in France | Cities you should visit in France

* Travel advice to Marseille..and the advantages of Marseille from the rest of the tourist cities.

– Don’t worry about your savings, so Marseille provides an excellent service to its visitors, as the various ports open their doors for free, in addition to some beautiful archeological parks and museums. – Marseille includes a group of restaurants that offer oriental food at the lowest cost. – You will get the best rooms and hotel services at the cheapest prices. – People Marseille welcomes visitors, they are social in nature, and you can participate in them with daily activities and take one of them to visit the largest possible number of sights there. – Get snacks at the lowest cost from the mobile carts. – Marseille has a beautiful atmosphere and sunny day throughout 360 days a year, and It is possible to travel to it at any time. – It is characterized by owning the largest number of yachts at the level of France, and the second city in the world, which doubles the number of tourists who are fascinated by its beauty and its features. – It includes the best transportation networks in terms of speed, efficiency and low cost, on top of which is the metro. The artifacts, which date back thousands of years, are sold at the lowest cost. Read also: Travel advice to Paris, “the bride of the West” to spend a fun trip that you will never forget

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