Travel Tips to Milan .. Milan is the fifth largest city in the European Union, and the city is famous for being the fashion capital of Italy. The city has many attractions that are worth seeing, and here are some tips that will help you on your next trip.

Travel advice to Milan:

Your stay in Milan:

Travel advice to MilanMilan hotels: Residence in the hostel: Mostly your room will have about 4-6 beds and you should expect to pay about 30-35 euros per night or pay about 70-80 euros for a private room where two sleeps.
Mostly, these prices include free Wi-Fi, and do not expect breakfast to be free! Stay in the hotel: If you want to stay in a two-star hotel, it will cost you around 44 euros per night and a private room will suffice for two people (expect to pay more in the tourist season) However, you can visit the Airbnb website, where you can find common rooms starting from about 13 euros per night, and you can rent the entire apartments for about 40 euros per night. Read also: Shopping in Milan … the best destination to shine and appear in the best outfit

Avoid the taxi:

You will find taxi fare very expensive and at night the price of the taxi will rise for you as a tourist who needs to save you money as much as possible, especially when visiting a city known for its high prices like Milan, so choose another means of transportation. However, there is an alternative to the taxi which is Uber and is available throughout Milan.

Get a Milan card:

Milan Card is a tourist card that provides you with free transportation or a private driver and great discounts on more than 500 tourist places including more than 20 museums in addition to that the card offers you many tours to get to know more about Milan and you can also visit high-end italyn restaurants and hotels Shops, and more. You can collect your card through this website: MilanoCard

You can drink tap water! :

Travel advice to MilanIf you go around the city and find people drinking from the water taps, do not be surprised at all! Most of the locals avoid the water bottles because they are very expensive and their prices increase in the tourist places, so you can bring an empty bottle with you everywhere and when you find the closest faucet Fill your bottle.

Eating in Milan:

Travel advice to MilanTravel Tips to Milan Italy is well known for its cuisine where fresh pasta, bread, tomatoes and pizza are so easy to have a large and expensive meal in Italy! It is preferred that you eat your food in the city center and you will need to pay about 15 euros for lunch in a medium-cost restaurant and for dinner 25-40 euros Because it is the biggest meal during the day; if you want a special drink in a special restaurant, you will pay 75 euros. If you want a fast meal such as pizza, pies, or snacks, it will cost you 5-7 euros. As for the grocery store, when you buy some pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other foods. Basic This will cost you about 60 euros a week. Also read: Halal restaurants in Milan .. 10 most famous Arab restaurants in Italy

Mobility in Milan:

The city of Milan has a great transportation network between its parts, you can find trains, trams and even buses that offer tourists an opportunity to get to know the beauty of Milan. The cost of one trip is 1.50 euros per person, and if you want you can buy a ticket booklet that provides you with 10 tickets for all available transportation and its price is 14 After you arrive at the airport, you can take a train to the Milan railway station, which will cost approximately 13 euros.

Milan shopping experience:

 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele IIGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II You cannot go to one of the largest cities in Italy without visiting the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II center, which is one of the oldest markets in Italy! It took over 12 years to build this center and now it is home to the world’s leading designers such as Gucci and Prada, in this center you can You find many prestigious shops, restaurants and even hotels where the TownHouse Galleria Hotel is located within the center and it is a 5-star hotel and is very expensive but definitely worthy. You can say that this center is intended for high-end societies, so expect a cup of coffee to cost 15 euros! Read also: The best malls in Milan .. where luxury and sophistication

Watch some games up close! :

If you are a football fan, you will definitely not want to miss the opportunity to book tickets to visit the San Siro stadium, where Milan is famous for being home to two of the best football teams in the world, Milan and Inter.

Take a tour of the Lakes of Milan! :

Navigli regionThe charming area of ​​NavigliThe Milanese region of Navigli is known as one of the most famous places to visit, which are waterways and canals that lasted 7 centuries (from the twelfth to the nineteenth century) that connected Lake Maggiore to Lake Como and linked the Ticino River to the Po river, as well as Milan With Switzerland and Northeastern Western Europe. If you go to Milan in the summer, do not forget to take a boat tour to enjoy the beauty of these charming lakes.

Budget to go to Milan:

Expected daily budget: 55-75 € / 66-86 USD (Note: This proposed budget is assuming you are staying in a hostel, eating little food, cooking most meals or eating it in an average-cost restaurant, and trying to reduce transportation use but surely you can reduce This number and you can make it more expensive).


It is recommended that you pay the tip at local restaurants and cafes, which is usually 10% of the total bill, and for the taxi do not worry about the tip as the driver will take his full right from the fare.

Best time to visit Milan:

The best times to visit Milan are from April to May or from September to October. The spring and autumn months are considered the peak season for tourism activity in Milan, which means exaggerated prices rise. And between November and March you will find the city almost empty of tourists due to higher degrees Heat and foggy weather all over.

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