Various tips for the traveler to Spain

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Various tips for the traveler to Spain - Various tips for the traveler to Spain
Alhambra Palace: Palace tickets can be purchased through several methods:
Through any branch of BBVA Bank in Spain.
By calling the following number: from Spain 902224460, and from outside Spain 003491537917, and the payment is by credit card.
Via the Internet, visit the following website: – Venta de entradas – ALHAMBRA Y GENERALIFE (Granada)
Through the box office at the entrance to the palace, it is preferred to arrive early in the morning to ensure that a ticket is given, because the number of tickets is limited, and waiting in line is often long for a period that exceeds one and a half hours.
– Via Shazdouna Tourism Office Shazdouneh for Tourist Services

In the event that you wish to purchase the ticket in advance, whether by phone, the Internet, or through BBVA Bank branches, and because the number of tickets is limited, it is preferable to purchase the ticket at least three days before the date specified for the visit.
An overview of the museums: Each historical landmark or museum has its own dates for the visit and the tourist must inquire before the visit about those dates, knowing that the official dates of the museums may change in special cases such as there is a celebration or a special occasion, and for the information, many of them may be closed on Sundays or Monday, be sure.
Islamic museums and monuments: Islamic monuments are often found in the cities of the Andalus region, such as Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Randa, Malaga, Almería, and the villages surrounding these cities such as Al-Mankab, Wadi Ashe, Alora … etc, knowing that there are other monuments outside of the region Andalusia in cities such as Valencia, Toledo, Castile, Al-Manji, Badajoz, Salem, Zaragoza, and others.
City center and the cathedral: In the case of wanting to take a tour, it should be noted that the most prominent landmarks and shops are located in the old city center or next to the cathedral, for every city in Spain is mediated by the cathedral around which other landmarks and most important places are located.
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1581197989 787 Various tips for the traveler to Spain - Various tips for the traveler to Spain
General note: Spain provides all modern means of transportation, and there are also cruises between its islands, and the question is frequently asked about moving by train from Malaga to Barcelona. It should be noted that the distance is very long and may exceed 13 hours. The subway is available in big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​knowing that a ticket can be purchased for a day, two or three and that through the metro station or by bus or through the Office of the personalization.

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Taxi: It is preferable to request an invoice from the taxi driver after paying his taxi, as it contains the taxi number, which is useful in the event that something is forgotten in the taxi car, and that the bill request prevents the driver from tampering with the price, and it must be ensured that the bill is for the same taxi. Taxis have a special tariff according to the hour, as tariff number one starts from 6 or 7 in the morning until 11 in the evening, whereas the tariff 2 starts from 11 in the evening until 6 or 7 in the morning, and the taxi cannot manipulate the tariff because the red color lights up at the top. The car has the tariff number. The taxi has a special fee in the event that it is taken from the airport, and this fare is recorded on the back window, and if it is not present, the passenger may request it from the driver, and the airport fees differ from one city to another, as there is an additional fee on each bag you carry and often does not exceed 90 cents . Each city has a special number through which you can request a taxi and come to you at the place you specify. It should be noted that there are days in which the method of pricing is different, such as the end of the week in addition to the days of celebrations and festivals, and that each city has its own way of pricing for the other city.
Driving license: The international license must be obtained when traveling to Spain and must be used in conjunction with the local license, where car rental offices request the two licenses when renting, and in the case of only one license, rent is not allowed.
The metro: There are metro stations in four Spanish cities, namely Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville, and a map of the metro can be obtained either from the hotel or from the airport and the competent person explains how to use the metro.
Internal bus: There is a transportation network for buses in all Spanish cities and villages, and you can get a map of the inner bus either through the hotel or by the bus itself.
External bus: It is buses that move from one city to another and you can get their tickets through the ESTACION DE AUTOBUSES bus station, where buses cover all cities of Spain.
Tourist bus: In every city there is a tourist bus that travels between the tourist attractions of the city, where it stops at every tourist point in the city, and it is possible to cut a ticket for a day or two, where you can ride any tourist bus during these two days and move from any station to another, and may This method avoids taxi and metro.
The train: There is a train network linking all the cities of Spain, and there is a fast train linking Madrid to Cordoba and Seville. And fast rail lines have been opened recently between Madrid and Barcelona – and between Malaga and Madrid in addition to many cities and you can see the site of Renfe and one of the important things when using the train is to be aware of the time duration of the trip, because it may take a long time in some Sometimes.
Aviation: There are many domestic airlines in Spain, led by Iberia, as well as AIR EUROPA, SPANAIR, AIR, BERLIN and many other companies, and prices vary from one company to another, knowing that those who are less than 26 years old have a permanent reduction in Spain. This point must be emphasized when purchasing tickets from tourist offices in Spain. Prices vary from time to time. Morning trips differ from evening trips, and prices also differ with the purchase date.
1581197989 409 Various tips for the traveler to Spain - Various tips for the traveler to Spain
The Car
Inside cities: It is not difficult except in Madrid and Barcelona. It is preferable to rent a car in the cities of the north and the cities of the south, especially Marbella, especially since the transportation to the neighboring cities and villages will be numerous. And as for the roads in Spain, there are 3 types of highways: The first type, AUTOPISTA, which is the highway to pay and can be paid through the payment window, either in cash or by credit card. , And T means credit card payment. The second type of roads are AUTOVIA freeways, and the third type called CARRETERA is the small dual roads.
In the event that the road is double, then you cannot overtake the vehicle in front of you unless the white line in the middle of the road is intermittent. And it is preferable to take the diesel car because it lasts more and its price is about 90 cents per liter, as well as gasoline almost at the same price, but it does not last long.
Car parks: You must know the most important traffic regulations for driving a car, such as the place where the car must be stopped, there are parking lots and they are the planned parking in blue and there is a metal box in which cash can be placed in the knowledge that the payment is only in peak times, while the planned parking in white It is free.
The atmosphere in Spain differs from one place to another, as the southern regions are not like the east or the north, so the north is dominated in the summer by the mild weather that tends to be cold at night, and in the winter the weather is cold or very cold, while the southern areas are hot in the summer with the mild weather at night., And It is cold in the winter, but it is not very cold as the north. As for the coastal cities and islands, the weather is moderate in summer and winter. As for the atmosphere in the Canary Islands, it is moderate throughout the year.
1581197989 599 Various tips for the traveler to Spain - Various tips for the traveler to Spain
1581197989 599 Various tips for the traveler to Spain - Various tips for the traveler to Spain
Restaurants: There is a lot of pig eating in Spain and its name is Cerdo. You must emphasize the restaurant that eating without the pig (Therdo) and pronouncing it in Spanish is “Sin Cerdo”, and any complaint about any restaurant there is a Reclamacion paper present in every restaurant in When the complaint is concerned, take the paper, write your complaint and reach the Ministry of Health, which will look into the matter. For information, the level of restaurants in the vital and tourist areas is lower than others.
The important thing to know is that most restaurants are closed during the rest period from four in the afternoon until eight in the evening, and it opens its doors from twelve noon to four in the afternoon for the lunch period, and for the dinner period from eight in the evening until twelve in the evening, and requests often stop before closing half an hour .
As for Arab restaurants: You must check the official bill of the restaurant and compare it to the menu. In the event that the restaurant claims that it does not have bills, this is not true, as no restaurant is allowed to practice its activities without having bills and the customer has the right to pay in the event that it is not provided It has a detailed official bill. The bill is requested to ensure that the restaurant is not tampered with.
Chinese restaurants: Unfortunately, the level of hygiene in most of the Chinese restaurants in Spain and Europe in general is lower than the required level, but there are nevertheless luxurious Chinese restaurants in some places.
Spanish restaurants: The Spanish food is the favorite (paella), which is rice mixed with seafood, meat and vegetables, and it is the most famous Spanish food. And salad vinegar may sometimes contain a small percentage of alcohol, so it is best to order salad with regular balsamic vinegar.
Mobile cards: There are several companies in Spain, such as Movistar, Vodafone and Orang. Slices can be obtained through its offices in the commercial markets or at airports, and each company has its internal and international pricing and this information you can get when you buy the chip and the question. About the tariff that suits you.
International calls: There are international calling cards for all countries in the world and each card gives minutes that differ from the other card of the country you want to call in, and there are 3 numbers on the card, the first number which is for calling from the fixed phone where you can call from the hotel phone, for example, on the number The toll-free then enters the password and then the number you want to call, as for the second number, which is for calling from the mobile, it calculates it as a local call, and the third number, which is the connection from a public booth, is a toll-free number, but the cab decreases the number of minutes. And these cards usually increase the minutes during festivals, Saturdays, Sundays, and the last hours of the night, usually.
In the event that you made purchases from the same store exceeding 90 euros, you can obtain Tax Free, knowing that the purchase can be in several times a calendar search by collecting the bills that you bought from the same store even if it is from another branch in another city and then you visit the last store you bought From him and ask him for free taxi, and your passport must be with you, and taxi free is a circumstance given to you in order to deliver it to the airport and get taxes. And the area where you get a taxi free is after stamping the passport and shipping the luggage, and the amount is given to you either by sending a check to your address or cash, and sometimes they request to see purchases, and for this it is preferable to place the purchases in a bag that you carry with you inside the plane. And in the case of cases like the countries of the European Union, the one who purchases from Spain, for example, will be returning to his country through France, as tax free can be obtained at the last point in the Schengen Union, which is France, for example. And get a free tax only for purchases that you carry with you to your country without food, housing, and transportation.
Many believe that the classification of hotels is based on luxury, but the classification is done according to other things such as the availability of services in the hotel, the presence of the health club, the pool, parking lots, the area of ​​the rooms, etc. And for hotels in Europe, many are shocked by the low level of a hotel in the city center, and it is not worth the number of stars that are in it. The reason is that hotels in the city center are more consumed than others, so everything is further away from the city center the better the quality of the hotels, and In order to ensure the best quality of hotels, the important thing is to ask about the date of the hotel renewal. The receipt of the Check Inn room is usually at 12 am. The delivery of the Check Out room is at 12 am. And all hotels require a credit card or an amount of insurance when entering the hotel. Attention must be paid to placing the most important property in the safe, and the hotel is responsible for the lost contents inside the safe, while the missing outside the safe is not the responsibility of the hotel.
Country houses
Tourists can live in rural homes, but the problem lies in the method of reservation, and that is by searching the evidence when you arrive in Spain and directly contacting the owners, but the problem is not being familiar with the English language, or by searching the Internet and here the problem lies in the tourist not knowing the appropriate places and However, you can obtain this service through a personal service
Tourist Information Office:
In all airports there are tourist information offices that provide you with maps and tourist information, and there are many offices within cities, especially in vital places, knowing that hotels have a lot of tourist flyers and maps.
You may find the deal varies from one region to another in Spain, and there is an important point, which is that the style of many villagers in Spain and the elderly to speak fast and loudly, which makes some people think that he is angry or racist and this is not true, this is the style of many of them And, this point must be taken into consideration because some tourists may leave the restaurant or cafe, angry at the loud voice or style of the worker.
Expenses in vital areas and tourism are more expensive than in other regions.
Major commercial markets:
Major commercial markets are often outside the cities, and El Corte Ingles are located in the middle of the cities, whose branches are located in most Spanish cities.
There are always 110 and 220 switches, and the most common are the two circular entries.
Automated teller machines:
The amount of withdrawals varies from one bank to another, for example, Caja Madrid allows you to withdraw 1,000 euros at one time, Bbva bank’s exchange machines allow withdrawals of up to 600 euros, and most other exchange machines allow 300 euros to withdraw.
Nature :
Green natural places in Spain are in the following regions ((Galicia – Asturias – Basque – Cantabria – Aragon – La Rioja – Navarre – Catalonia and North of the Castile Region), and the more we go to the northwestern regions the more beautiful nature. And the green nature is few in The regions of the center and south are OK in the eastern and western regions.
carrots :
There are two main groups of islands in Spain, they are the Canary Islands, and they are islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Off the Moroccan coast. The Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea, contain the islands of Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza.
work hours:
The main working hours are from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon and from four in the eight. And Saturday is sometimes half-day, and Sunday is vacation, and many shops are closed. As for restaurant opening hours, they are often from twelve noon to four in the afternoon and from eight to twelve.
bullfighting :
Mostly on Sundays, and inquiries can be made about their appointments.
Football matches:
The tickets for the match can be obtained either through the black market or the internet sites. As for obtaining them through the box office, it is difficult and arduous, or through the Personal Affairs Office, we provide tickets for the Spanish league matches.
Bakhshish is not a prerequisite in Spanish restaurants, and it is only 50 cents.
Luggage loss:
When you arrive to the country and the baggage has not arrived, you must go to the baggage office and give them the baggage details and number in addition to the hotel address, and the baggage will be delivered upon arrival at the hotel. Knowing that the airline compensates for every day with a sum of money for purchases, and what you must do is buy clothes and provide the necessary bills and they will compensate you for the purchases that you bought in the days you stayed without luggage and often it is 90 euros for one day . In the event that the furniture is completely lost, you will be compensated for the lost items.
Stealing :
The police must be informed of any case of theft they are exposed to, and caution must be exercised in the night places, knowing that the degree of safety is great, but there must always be precaution in some matters and one of the most important is that you do not leave valuable things in the car and you must carry your belongings well and in particular Bags while sitting in restaurants and cafes, where many put them on the ground and are easy to steal.
Passport loss:
In case the passport is lost, you should contact the Saudi embassy in Madrid or the general consulate in Malacca. They will provide a passport to return to the country.
Passport registration:
All visitors must register their passports with the embassies of their countries upon arrival by contacting the embassy. And get the registration method.
Exchange of currency or travelers checks:
Currency can be exchanged through banks during their working hours from Monday to Friday, from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon, or through exchange offices, or hotels that spend at a higher rate.
The veil for women:
Hijab and its status are generally acceptable in Spain, but the veil looks at him with astonishment, and there are no problems for veiled women, except for looks surprising, and it is preferable not to wear a black cloak, and it is better to wear any other color.
Big cities:
Madrid – Barcelona – Valencia – Seville – Malaga
Child-friendly cities:
Madrid – Barcelona – Valencia – Seville – Malacca – the cities of the Costa del Sol
In Spain there are no barbers to beard and beard for fear of diseases, except for the little that is counted on the fingers, and there are some Arab hairdressers in the areas where the Arabs abound, such as Marbella, but they are special barbers, that is, he comes to the hotel and does the razor. As for hair shaving, barber shops are the same for men and women.
Cinema :
Simna dubbing the Spanish language in all the cities of Spain, but cities like ((Barcelona – Madrid, Marbella and Malaga have some lounges that display the film without dubbing))
There is always a pharmacy in every city that operates 24 hours, and you can inquire about this pharmacy by hotel or taxi, or go to any pharmacy and you will find an advertisement in which pharmacies operate 24 hours.
the hospital :
Those who have health insurance can take advantage of this insurance in hospitals from what reduces the costs of treatment.
The language :
It is possible to deal in the English language at airports, hotels, tourist places, tourist information offices, and restaurants where menus are available in English and sometimes other languages. Therefore, there is no fear of dealing with the language. As for the Spanish language, you will not need it as much as a tourist, especially since you as a tourist do not need to deal with the people, but rather you need it sometimes with a taxi, which is sufficient for you to tell him the name of the place you want to go to.


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