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Hungary is known as the Hungarian Republic, which has an area of ​​93,030 km2. Hungary is bordered to the north by Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, to the south by Slovenia, to the east by Romenia, and to the west by Austria, where it is characterized by plains and plateaus, and the most important of which Hungary is famous for archaeological sites, and in these The article will introduce you to the archaeological sites that Hungary is famous for.

What is Hungary famous for?

Hill Castle

Castle Hill is considered one of the strategic and cultural centers for many centuries, but it witnessed more than thirty sieges that damaged the castle, which led to the repetition of the construction process.

Royal Buddha Palace

The Royal Buda Palace is a huge building located at the southern end of the castle hill, which was built in the fourteenth century, and rebuilt after four hundred years.

Fishermen’s stronghold

The stronghold of fishermen is one of the most important tourist attractions, which is accepted by a large number of tourists.

Galert Hill and Citadella

Gallett Hill and Citadella are considered highlights, with a height of fourteen meters, and Milchush Horthy erected to make him a memorial to his son.

Elizabeth Bridge

Built at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Elizabeth Bridge is considered one of the longest in the world, and it consists of one chain. These bridges were destroyed during the Second World War, then they were rebuilt with different designs.

The Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge was the first to connect Best, Buda, and the monument to Stephen Cicini.

Margaret Island

Margate Island is Budapest’s theme park, car-free, and has many spacious tennis courts, as well as a swimming pool, open theater, hotels and resort.


Parliament building is the second building in the world, as it is preferred to photograph it on postcards, especially when it is reflected in the Danube River below, and is characterized by luxury from the inside, but for entry, tourists must participate in an organized sightseeing tour.

St. Stephen’s Church

St. Stephen Church was named after the Hungarian state, and the church is characterized by the presence of a large square in front of it, suitable for tourism, and it contains pictures inside it bearing important events in Hungarian history.

Heroes’ Square

The Heroes’ Square is one of the landmarks in which Hungary is famous, as there are statues that symbolize important figures in Hungarian history, and its size and greatness indicate that the Hungarians are proud of their country, and behind the square there is the city park that displays a set of attractive things, including the Vaida Hunyadi Castle In addition to the zoo and the Scheni baths that must be visited.

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