What is the capital of Serbia

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Serbia is a country in Europe and it is an ancient country from the southeastern European countries and it was a vast country with a former federation of republics called the Union of Yugoslav Republics and it consists of the Republic of Montenegro, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Serbia and the province of Kosovo. But this union has broken down, and every country has an independent country. Among them is Serbia and its famous capital, Belgrade, and it is considered one of the largest cities of the former Yugoslav federation.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia

Serbia and its capital, Belgrade, are considered to be pre-history cities, where studies indicate the existence of this city in the sixth millennium BC, which is a city located in the Balkan Peninsula at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Where the Belgrade and the areas around it are considered the scene of different civilizations, including civilization such as the Senaki tribe, and its name was previously intended and this tribe is meant here Thrace Dachiné and this civilization remained in the region until 279 BC and after that it settled in the region and settled in the tribe of both of them and then named itself Seniki Don. After that, the Romans took it and considered it a city full of rights, and that was in the year 520 AD during the era of Saqalba. And many nations settled in this city. Studies show that the city of Belgrade lived 115 wars with many nations and responded to it in various eras. Studies also indicate that some of these wars have leveled the city with land more than 44 times.

History of Belgrade

In the Middle Ages, Belgrade came under the control of the Byzantines, the Romans and other nations such as the Bulgarians, the Hungarians and the Serbs, but in 1521 AD it entered and was opened by the Ottoman armies during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Then, after the Ottoman rule, the Austrians took it, and the assassination of the Austrian Crown Prince by one of the Serb nationalists was the cause of the First World War.
In the year 1841 AD, the city regained its splendor and durability as the capital of Serbia, after the establishment of the Serbian Revolution and until 1918 AD. The city became the capital of Yugoslavia, which continued as such until 2003 AD, when the Yugoslav Federation disintegrated into countries and the city became the capital of Serbia only.

Belgrade label

The meaning of the name Belgrade in the Serbian language means the white city, with a population of 1.700 million and six hundred thousand people, and it is considered an industrial and commercial city at the same time around it is first-class agricultural. As for the religion of Belgrade, most of it is Eastern Christian, Orthodox Christianity. It is a city full of culture and arts, including music, painting, and sculpture.


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