What is the capital of Central Africa

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The capital of Central Africa

The capital of Central Africa is the city of Bangui, which is a commercial and administrative center in the country. Bangui is located on the west bank of the Obangi River, and Bangui connects to Pointe-Noire which is located on the west coast in Central Africa and with Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo with a river transport system and a 1,800 km railway In the capital, there is a network of roads linking it to Cameroon, the Central African Republic and the Upper and Chad.
Bangui is famous for making soap and brewing beer, and exporting cotton, coffee, diamonds, wood, and sisal plants. There are many scientific and technological research institutes in Bangui. The University of Bangui was founded in 1969 AD, and the National School of Art was established in 1966 AD. The Boganda Museum is located in Bangui and offers fishing gear , Traditional musical instruments, pottery, weapons, religious symbols, and village architecture tools. Bangui was looted and sustained major damage during the coup attempts of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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Bangui is located in the Central African Republic, at a longitude of 18.55 and a latitude of 4.36, and its height above sea level 351 meters, and it lives in Bangui 542,393 people.

Bangui International Airport

Bangui-Mpoko Airport is located in the city center of Bangui, and it is the only airport in the Central African Republic that corresponds to international standards. Traffic began in this airport in 1967 AD, and its runway was renewed in 1987 CE for the last time, and approximately 66,854 passengers pass through the airport.
There are several major international airlines serving Bangui International Airport, which are Kenya Airways, Angola Airlines, Toma Air Chad, African Airways, ASKY and Air France, and because of the prevailing insecurity in the Central African Republic, nuclear weapons flights are unpaid. .


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