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Asmara, the capital of Eritrea

Asmara is considered the capital of the state of Eritrea, it is located on the northern end of the Ethiopian plateau at an altitude of 2325 meters, specifically on the Eritrean railways, it is a major road intersection, and its main port is the port of Massawa, which is located on the Red Sea, and is 65 km in the northeastern side of the capital And its international airport is 4 km in the southeastern side of the capital, and it was built in 1962 AD.

History of Asmara

It is likely that the origin of the city of Asmara dates back to about 700 years, as it is believed that Menelik the first son of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon was born in it, and influences the colonial character on the architecture of buildings, infrastructure, in addition to traditions,

According to history, there were four tribes that originally lived in the Asmara region, and these tribes lived in four towns surrounding Asmara known as Tigray at the present time, and the tribes were attacking some of them often, so women from all the tribes concluded that in order to defeat the enemy The four tribes must unite, so all the men from the four tribes abdicated their positions and united, then Asmara rapidly developed due to industrial investment in the city, when the italyns came to it in the year 1889 AD, where the italyn Eritrean governor made Asmara the capital of the country because of its proximity to Red Sea Port .

Asmara Geography

The city of Asmara is located on the cliff in the northern corner of the highlands of Eritrea, adjacent to the Great African Groove, where the city is located on a rocky plateau with a height of about 2300 meters, and it separates the lowlands in the western region of the Eritrean highlands from the coastal plains in the eastern region.

Asmara economy

The factories located in the city of Asmara manufacture and process agricultural products, and the most important industries in the city include meat processing, the soft drink industry, and the textile and clothing industry, where most of the country’s commercial headquarters are located in the city of Asmara, and the profits of commercial activities are considered the main source of income in the city.

Asmara climate

The climate of Asmara prevails in moderation in the winter and warm in the summer. It ranges between a dry and semi-arid climate, and the average monthly temperatures are about 29.5 ° C in long droughts that usually extend from December to February, and the average precipitation It reaches about 500 millimeters annually, as it rains in July and August.

Tourist places in Asmara

There are many tourist attractions in the city of Asmara, which visitors can visit the city, and the most important of these areas are the following:

  • The synagogue in Asmara.
  • Asmara Cathedral.
  • Inda Maryam Orthodox Church.
  • The National Museum of Asmara.
  • Mosque of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs.

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