What is the capital of Finland

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Finland is one of the countries of the European Union and is located in the north of the continent, the population of Finland is about five and a half million people, most of them are concentrated in the south of the country due to low temperatures in the north, it is bounded to the west by Sweden, to the north by Norway, and to the east by Russia From the south, there is the Gulf of Finland, on the other side of it the Estonian state. Its system of government is a parliamentary republic, and the central government is located in the capital, Helsinki.

The capital of Helsinki

The capital of Finland is Helsinki, which is the largest city in Finland, and is located in the region of Uusimaa in the south of the country. And the population of Helsinki has more than half a million people, and the city is considered one of the most important regional cities in the region of Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, as it connects with nearby capitals an excellent road network that makes communication with it simple, as we find that the capital of Sweden Stockholm is far from Helsinki With a distance of only four hundred kilometers, and three hundred kilometers is the distance between it and the city of St. Petersburg, the second largest Russian city, and to the south of it is eighty kilometers across the Gulf of Finland, the Estonian capital is Tallinn.

The language in Helsinki

A number of languages ​​are mixed in the city of Helsinki, as the official languages ​​of the city are Swedish and Finnish, because Finland was subordinate to Sweden in most stages of its history until it gained autonomy in the form of the Russian Empire, then independence, and there is also a proportion of the population of not more than ten Most of their mother tongue is neither Finnish nor Swedish. In the capital, Helsinki, there is a percentage of immigrants from Africa, Russia, China, and Thailand, and there are challenges facing the government to integrate them into society, as the unemployment rate among them doubles to twice and more than the original population.

Climate in Helsinki

The climate of the capital, Helsinki, is considered to be a moderate continental climate, because its location near the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland greatly reduces the decrease in temperature in the winter season, which makes the climate warmer despite its northern location, and the lowest temperatures faced by the capital are up to twenty ° C is below zero, and this continues for about two weeks every year. Winter is accompanied by a short day that extends for six hours, and in summer it extends up to nineteen hours.


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