What is the capital of Iraq

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Baghdad capital of Iraq

Baghdad is the capital of the Republic of Iraq and the center of the Baghdad governorate, and according to the 2013 census studies, the population of the city reached about 6 million, so Baghdad is considered the largest city in Iraq and the second largest city in the Arab world after Cairo in terms of population, and it ranks 35 globally from Where the proportion of the population also, which is one of the important economic, financial, educational and administrative centers in the country.

Geography of Baghdad

The city of Baghdad is located in the heart of the Iraqi Republic on both banks of the Tigris River, and is a distance of 540 km to the northwest of the Arabian Gulf. Its area is estimated at about 204.2 square kilometers, and it is an important area where different types of transport lines and various human races gather, and it rises about 34 meters above sea level.

Name Baghdad

The reason for building the city of Baghdad belongs to the second Abbasid caliph Abu Jaafar al-Mansur, so he ordered the building of a capital for his state worthy of the position of the Islamic State at that time, so he chose after good care and management a location between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where there was a village called Baghdad, and the original name of the village at that time was Baghdad, And Baghdad or Baghdad, and Moghadan, and once the state was declared as the capital of the Islamic State, Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour called it the city of peace, as the city was named by various other names such as Dar Al-Salam, the city of Mansour, the city of the caliphs and Al-Zawra, but the old name Baghdad remained firmly in people’s minds until our time. .

Climate of Baghdad

The climate of the city of Baghdad is characterized as a desert climate, so in the summer it is very dry, as the city records the highest temperatures in this season, and experts point out that the high temperatures in the summer of Baghdad after 2003 are due to the global warming that afflicts the atmosphere in the country, and the increase of carbon In the atmosphere due to exhausts of generators, the growth of desertification, and soil erosion.

The economy of Baghdad

The city of Baghdad is an important and essential center for a large number of factories and workshops in the Iraqi Republic, and it is the link between Turkey, Syria, India, Southeast Asia and the main commercial market in the country. It is also a prominent and important tourist center where more than one million tourists visit it annually.

Tourism in Baghdad

The city of Baghdad contains a number of archaeological, historical and touristic monuments such as museums containing human structures, statues, gems and coins from prehistoric times to the current century. It also contains Islamic monuments such as the remains of the Baghdad Wall, the Caliphate House, and Al-Mustansiriya School, and contains the most important mosques Historical places such as the Mosque of the Caliphs, the Ahmadiyya Mosque, the Imam Musa Al-Kazim Mosque, and the Murjan Mosque.


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