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The city of Frankfurt

Frankfort is an American city located in the state of Kentucky, and its administrative capital, and the headquarters of Franklin County, is in addition to that it is considered the commercial center of the Bluegrass region; it includes many factories dedicated to the production of clothing, cuttings, machinery, machinery and machines And furniture, as tobacco and corn are also produced, knowing that they were founded by General James Wilkinson in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six.

Frankfurt city location and area

Frankfurt is located in the United States of America, in the state of Kentucky located in the southeastern part of the country, specifically in Franklin County, and in the area overlooking the banks of the Kentucky River, so that the river divides it into two parts, and the city borders with its borders on a geographical area of ​​37 km As for the astronomical aspect, the city of Frankfurt is found on the longitude (84.52), and the latitude (38.12).

Frankfurt’s climate

Frankfurt (due to its geographical location and surface features) enjoys a varied climate throughout the year; it has a clear appearance for the four seasons: winter, autumn, summer, and spring, so the weather during the summer is hot, humid, and during the winter months tend to cool Possibility of snowfall at times.

The most important landmarks of Frankfurt city

The city of Frankfurt includes many landmarks and tourist places, and the following is a mention of the most important:

  • Thomas de Clark Center for Kentucky History: It is a museum, and an impressive exhibition that includes many works, and historical relics that express the history of the region.
  • Old Capitol building: It is considered a historic monument, which represented the residence of the Authority during the period (1830-1910), and it is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design.
  • Kentucky Museum of Military History: It is a wonderful museum that provides visitors with information and performances on the role of Kentucky in the country’s wars.
  • Frankfurt Cemetery: It is located on a high hill, overlooking the rest of Frankfurt, and it is considered one of the most important tombs of the city; it includes the tomb of the explorer, and the famous pioneer Daniel Bonn.

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