What is the capital of Kenya

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Nairobi is the capital of Kenya

The capital of the Republic of Kenya is the city of Nairobi, which is considered the largest city, as this capital includes all the suburbs surrounding Nairobi of an architectural nature, where modern villas abound. The origin of the name Nairobi is due to the language used by the tribes known as the Maasai, which is derived from the word denara Nairobi which is cold water, also called the city of Nairobi as the green city under the sun, and also known as the capital of the world for safari, and the third title, which is strange in its symbol Nairobi, where denotes The seriousness of this capital due to the high crime in it.

History of Nairobi

In the past, Nairobi was a simple town, small in size, as it was founded in the year 1899 AD on the railroad site that connects all of Mombasa to Uganda, but that in 1907, it began to accelerate its growth into the capital of the British colony in East Africa, and when Independence was in 1963 it became the capital of the country i.e. the capital of the independent Republic of Kenya, and Nairobi is also considered the capital of all Nairobi region, as its location in the Nairobi River in southern Kenya makes its place an important location.

Economy of Nairobi

During colonial times, Nairobi was a center for coffee, tea and sisal, with a population of about three million, and perhaps more than this number, and this city has a prominent role in the African continent, especially in the financial, political and commercial sphere, and it has more than 100 local and international companies, in addition to the headquarters of many international organizations, led by the United Nations in Africa and the Middle East.

Nairobi Stock Market

In the city of Nairobi there is the stock market, which is shortened to NSE, and this market is one of the large markets in Africa that specialize in the world of money, and this market occupies the second position in the African continent in the foot, and what is remarkable about the matter is that the city of Nairobi registers for it that it is the city that can To perform ten million transactions in the commercial field every day, to register in that fourth place in the volume of commercial transactions.

Landmarks in Nairobi

There are many parks and parks in this city that span large areas, the most famous of which is the Ohora Park in addition to the Givenchy Open Gardens, and we also find both the Nairobi Arboretum and the Nairobi Bomb Park, in addition to the city park, and the culture of Nairobi society is multiplied, due to its colonization for long periods From England, and also this cultural diversity is due to the proportion of immigrants to it seeking work and livelihood in it, especially expatriates from Pakistan and also from India, this is evident where there are many places of worship in mosques, churches or temples. Museums abound in it, as we find the Nairobi National Museum , The Nairobi Railway Museum, and the Danish novelist Karen Karen Blixen Museum, as well as many memorials in its public squares.


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