What is the capital of Paraguay

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Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay

Asunción is the capital of Paraguay and its largest city, this city is located on the left bank of the Paraguay River, near the meeting point of the Paraguay River with the Belcumayo River, and is separated by the Bay of Asuncion and the Paraguay River from both Argentina and the western region of Paraguay, and the city is located at an altitude of 53 meters above the surface level The sea, known by its long name (Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción), is abbreviated as Asunción.

History of the Paraguayan capital

Asunción has a long history, it is one of the oldest cities in South America, and it is also known as the Mother of Cities, because it is the most populated city for long periods in the entire Rio de la Plata basin, and it is said that the Spanish conqueror Juan de Ayulas is the first European to visit This region, after which two other Spanish explorers were sent to find Eulas after its traces were lost, and one of them, Juan de Salazar e Espinosa, arrived at the place where the capital of Paraguay is now, and decided to create a fort in the city, and Asunción was considered as a base for the European mission and the military My mission was to invade the surrounding land.

The Spaniards fled to Asuncion after the indigenous population of Buenos Aires was destroyed in 1542 AD, after which this city flourished and was considered a major Spanish colonial center and territory, then Asunción became the capital after the independence of Paraguay in 1811 AD, and the city also underwent a set of progressive development changes, but The five-year Paraguay war caused immense destruction and devastation to the city, and this affected its development for decades. The Brazilian forces occupied the city until 1876 AD. It is reported that the city witnessed in a period of time a recovery and flow of immigrants from Europe and the Ottoman Empire.

General information about Asuncion

There is a lot of general information about the city of Asuncion, including the following:

  • The capital, Asuncion, consists of several cities, as follows:
    • The city of Fernando de la Mora.
    • The city of San Lorenzo.
    • The city of Mariano Rock Alonso.
    • Loki city.
    • The city of Villa Elisa.
    • Lampare city.
    • The city of Nembe.
  • Asuncion hosts many tourist attractions, including the following:
    • Heroes’ Square.
    • The National Pantheon of Champions.
    • Casa Viola.
    • Independence Square.
    • Legos Latov Palace.
    • Metropolitan Cathedral.
  • The city contains many important government buildings, represented by the Spanish Palace (Palacio de López); it is the seat of government and the workplace of the President of the country, and the Palace of Justice; it is the seat of the Supreme Court of Justice.


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