What is the capital of Saudi Arabia before Riyadh

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Ad Diriyah is the capital of Saudi Arabia before Riyadh

Diryah Governorate is considered the first capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is an important national symbol in the history of Saudi Arabia, as its mention was linked to the first Saudi state, and it is reported that Imam Muhammad bin Saud agreed to the religious renewal call that was called by the renewed Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab, according to which the Diriyah was taken The base of the state, and the seat of government and science, and remained so until 1824 AD, after Riyadh chose the new seat of government by order of Imam Turki bin Abdullah.

Ad-Diriyah Governorate arose

It is noteworthy that the Diriyah originated on the banks of Wadi Hanifa, and was linked to this valley culturally and environmentally, which contributed to creating a positive interaction between man and the environment, and the impact on human activity and the social status of the region, and thus the Diriyah became a model for the oases community in the desert environments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , And a symbol of authenticity and civilization.

Label shield

Al-Dir’iyya governorate was named this name in relation to the name of a place attributed to its people. This city is a fortress of shields, and the shields is the name of the tribe that lived and settled in the Wadi Hanifa region, and ruled the areas of stone and al-Jazzah. Coming from Najd to Wadi Hanifa, and those arriving from Najd lived in the area between Ghasibah and Mleibid, and since their arrival in the year 1446 CE, it has been dated to establish the Durya.

Nature in ad diriyah

Al-Dir’iyyah occupies an area of ​​approximately 2,016 square kilometers, and is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, as it contains many tributaries, reefs, and fertile lands, and it contains many of the urban landmarks created by man, which are houses, tunnels, irrigation systems, and agricultural villages, in addition to this. She is known for cultivating many agricultural crops, such as dates, grains, barley, wheat, vegetables, fruits, and more.

Tourist attractions in Ad Diriyah

Ad Diriyah city is famous for its distinguished tourist attractions, including:

  • Al-Turaif Neighborhood: This neighborhood represents a UNESCO World Heritage site, and includes many palaces, historical mud houses, the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Mosque, and other buildings built in a distinctive Najdi architectural style. This can also be enjoyed visiting gardens, heritage markets, entertainment places, cafes, and others.
  • Sur al-Turaif: It is a large wall that contains a number of huge watchtowers.
  • Historic neighborhoods: Ad Diriyah hosts many historical neighborhoods that are worth visiting, including:
    • Gossipa neighborhood.
    • Al-Bujairi neighborhood.
    • Seraiha neighborhood.
    • Noon neighborhood.
    • Peripheral neighborhood.
    • The neighborhood of return.
    • Blida neighborhood.
  • Wadi Hanifa: It is characterized by being the longest open hiking area in Riyadh, as it reaches a length of about 80 km, and includes a number of parks, including: Dam Al-Olab Park located in the north of Diriyah with a distance of 8 km.
  • Folded garden: It is classified as the most beautiful garden overlooking the Hanifa Valley and the Al-Tarif neighborhood, and is designed in the form of old farms.
  • Al-Zuhairah Mosque: It is one of the oldest and most important mosques of Dir’iyya, and it was built of clay bricks, and was well restored to be a guide to the traditional Najdi Mosque.


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