What is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region

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The city of Bologna

The small European city of Bologna is located in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, and its administrative capital is represented, in addition to being an important economic and commercial center in the region; it includes many advanced factories, devoted to the production of electric motors, equipment, and agricultural machinery Railways, as Bologna is considered an important center of transportation, as it includes a network of land roads, and railways linking the northern, central, and southern regions of the Italian Republic.

Bologna city location

The city of Bologna is located in the Italian European Republic, specifically in the central corner of Emilia Romagna, and in the region at the foot of the Apennine mountain range, and in the border parts of the Plain region, and more specifically in the region where the Savina and Reno rivers meet, outside the boundaries of the drainage basin The Po River, and the city sits with its borders on a plateau reaching seventy-one meters above sea level. As for the astronomical aspect, Bologna is on the longitude (11.34), and the latitude (44.49). It is worth noting that it is considered the largest city in the region, with a population of 366,133 people.

Sights of the city of Bologna

The Italian city of Bologna includes many places and wonderful tourist attractions, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Santo Stefano Church: It is an ancient historical church distinguished by its magnificent architecture and a stunning mixture of architectural styles dating back to different historical eras.
  • San Petronio Church: It is a Gothic cathedral that started construction in the year one thousand three hundred and ninety, and construction works are still ongoing, and it is characterized by the huge size that made it the sixth largest church in Europe.
  • Museum de la Storia di Bologna: This museum contains many collections, and works that express the golden history of the city of Bologna.
  • The Leaning Tower of Bologna: They are two ancient towers that were built during the period between (1109-1119 AD), and they are tilted from its straightness by a distance of 2.2 m, and they are considered a symbol of the city of Bologna.
  • Comunale Palace: And it has represented the headquarters of the City Council of Bologna since one thousand three hundred and thirty six.


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