What is the capital of the Republic of Myanmar

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Naypyidaw is the capital of Myanmar

Naypyidaw is the capital of the Republic of Myanmar, located between the mountain ranges of Pago Days and Shan days, and the huge dams Chungmaghi and Ngallik are located a few kilometers to the north and south of the city, and unlike most other capitals of the world, it is not the largest city Myanmar, as its largest city is the former capital of Yangon, but Naypyidaw is characterized as a fully planned city, not part of any region in the country, with an area of ​​about 7054.37 square kilometers. It is also the main headquarters of the National Government of Myanmar, and it has the highest judicial authority in Country, and many Among the important government ministries, the Presidential Palace, and the military headquarters in the city.

The origins and development of Naypyidaw

The city of Naypyidaw was built in the early twenty-first century in the central basin of Myanmar, to be the new administrative center of the country, and in 2004 AD construction of the city began in an isolated location on the f f of Pinemana, and 320 kilometers north of the former capital of Myanmar Yangon, this city was built and made A capital to facilitate the government to reach all parts of the country, where the administration began its movement in 2005, then it was declared as the capital of the country in March 2006.

The city consists of government buildings, luxury hotels, the airport, and apartments, and it was initially inhabited by civil servants, who could not move their families to live with them due to the lack of shops, restaurants, and other services, and later the city was supplied with continuous supplies of electricity, but the use of Its airport is for military personnel, and the city can be reached by road or by rail through Penmana Station near Yangon.

Highlights of Naypyidaw

Naypyidaw includes many important tourist places, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • the National Museum.
  • Landmark National Parks.
  • Thai cuisine.
  • Water fountain park.


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