What is the capital of the state of Australia

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The city of Canberra

Canberra is a small Australian city located in the Commonwealth of Australia, and it has represented the national capital in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, where it was chosen to solve the dispute between the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Being the first capital of the Australian Federation, along with the major government offices, academic institutions, and transportation systems concentrated in it, in addition to enjoying an advanced infrastructure.

City of Canberra location

Canberra is located in the Commonwealth of Australia, specifically in the southeastern part of it, and about 240 kilometers (150 miles) to the southwestern side of the city of Sydney, as it is found in the area on the banks of the Mulunglu River, which is considered one of the tributaries of the Moredbridge River, and it is a tributary of the Maurejebra River, It is on a flat plateau of Tottenham, located in the Australian Alps.

People of Canberra

The urban area of ​​the Australian city of Canberra is inhabited by 452,497 people, according to statistics for the year two thousand and nineteen, and thus ranks ninth in the list of the largest cities in Australia in terms of population. Km²; the city has an area of ​​814 sq km.
The city (the urban area thereof) has witnessed a significant growth in the number of people since the middle of the last century, according to the statistics of the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five only 31,393 people, and statistical estimates indicate that this number will reach by two thousand five and three and three by three The demographics of Canberra’s population is 71.4% are Australian, 3.7% are English, and 1.8% are Chinese.

The most important landmarks of the city of Canberra

The city of Canberra contains many wonderful tourist attractions, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • National Gallery of Australia: It is a wonderful art exhibition that includes many local and international artworks.
  • Australian Parliament Building: It is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, as it is distinguished by its wonderful engineering architecture. It should be noted that this building was built in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight.
  • Australian Democracy Museum: The museum is housed in a magnificent building that represented the seat of government during the period between the two years (1927-1988), and today it contains many works that express the history of politics and democracy.
  • Lake Burley Griffin: And it is one of the wonderful landmarks, knowing that it was formed by the construction of the dam in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three.


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