What is the capital of the state of Georgia

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Tbilisi is the capital of the State of Georgia

The city of Tbilisi, or what is also known as Tbilisi, is the capital of the state of Georgia, as it is considered the largest city in terms of population. Its population varies between Christians of the Orthodox sect who constitute 95%, in addition to some Muslim minorities who constitute up to 4% It is noteworthy that the Kura River passes in the city center of Tbilisi.

The name of the city of Tbilisi

This city was known by the name Tbilisi by breaking the Ta’a in the Arab world in the Middle Ages, where this name remained the official name of the city until 1936 AD, and after this period the name was changed to Tbilisi, which means hot springs in the Georgian language, as the word Tbili means the warm place The reason for this is because the King of Georgia built this city in the fifth century AD, near the hot springs.

A brief history of Tbilisi

The Arabs conquered this city in 735 under the leadership of Marwan bin Muhammad while he was taking over both Armenia and Azerbaijan, and it is believed that this city was inhabited since the fourth millennium BC, as it was mentioned for the first time in written blogs dating back to the fourth century AD. This city is important throughout the ages, perhaps the reason for this is due to its important location and located on the crossroads of trade routes, especially those linking both Eastern Georgia with Southeast Caucasus, as well as with Iran, Armenian, Turkey and Syria, and it has become a capital for eastern Georgia, in The reign of its king Dacha bin Al Malik Vakhtang I.

Muslim Arabs entered the city of Tbilisi in the middle of the seventh century AD, which corresponds to the year 22 AH, and this was led by the leader of the conquest Habib bin Muslim in the era of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab, where the tribute was imposed on the people of the city, and the amount was at that time one dinar for each People of the house.

In the second half of the fourteenth century AD, the city was attacked by the armies of Tamerlane, which caused great destruction, as it was attacked by both the Ottomans and the Safavids during the period between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries AD, and later the entire country joined Caesarea Russian, then this city became the headquarters of the Russian military command in the Caucasus in the year 1846.

Location and climate in Tbilisi

This city is located in the South Caucasus, specifically between 41 ° North and up to 44 ° 47 درجة 43 ° E, and the average annual temperature there is approximately 12.7 ° C, and January is the coldest month of the year, but for July it is the month The hottest month of the year, at an average rate of 24.4 ° C. It is noteworthy that snow falls heavily on the city in winter.


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