Learn about the cost of tourism in Tunisia, green Tunisia This name was not launched from it from a vacuum, but Tunisia was named by this name, because Tunisia has so many beautiful landscapes that make it a distinctive and essential destination for those who want to relax, calm, and enjoy a time of The most beautiful times he will experience in his life, and so it was important to know the costs of this special interesting trip, just follow this article from Arab travelers.

The cost of tourism in Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Arab Maghreb, the Arab world, and Africa, despite its very small area compared to the countries of its Arab African location.
Tunisia has a very distinct location as it overlooks the picturesque Mediterranean coast, which makes it possesses a group of the finest beaches of the Arab region because of its many services and high quality in what it offers to tourists.
Heritage cities in Tunisia meet with modernity, which makes you feel the originality of the past at the present time, which increases your affiliation with it if you are a Tunisian citizen, or a citizen of the Arab region.
Tunisia has a distinguished collection of antiquities that express the ancient antiquities in Tunisia, so it tells a special part of the unique Arab history, which makes it a first destination for the Arab tourist, and the focus of attention of many tourists from different countries of the world.

Basics of tourism costs in Tunisia

Airline tickets to Tunisia

Prices for airline tickets to Tunisia range from $ 400 to $ 800, and this difference depends on the country from which you will travel to Tunisia, and the time of travel, so the price of airline tickets will be very high in the summer season, unlike tickets in other seasons, as well as It also depends on the airline, which you will travel with, and the tourism company that will carry out all travel and accommodation transactions for you, as many companies offer great offers that suit all tourists.

Travel visa costs to Tunisia

Traffic visa
It costs approximately $ 12 if the length of stay is one week.
Entry visa
It costs approximately $ 45 for a three-month stay.
The visa can be obtained through the Tunisian embassies and consulates in the country from which tourists head to Tunisia.
Tunisia needs the visa to enter it, with some exceptions, including:

  • Citizens of the United States of America, can all enter without a visa, for a period not exceeding four months.
  • All citizens of the European Union, except Cyprus, can travel to it without a visa for a period of three months.
  • Some Arab countries, such as: Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Comoros.
  • Holders of diplomatic passports, from the following countries: the Arab Republic of Egypt, Switzerland, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Italy.

The cost of accommodation in Tunisia

The prices for accommodation in Tunisia hotels vary according to the length of stay, the type of hotel, and in which city you will be staying.
If the hotel is a five- or seven-star hotel category, then the average cost would be $ 100 USD per day.
If the hotel is in a lower hotel, it will be an average of 50 USD per day.

Transportation costs inside Tunisia

If you are going to reside in the capital, Tunis, you will not need transportation to move between the sights of the city;
You can use transportation if you are traveling from one city to another with “Al-Youag” cars as they are called in Tunisia, and their fare is average, and you can enjoy the road trip through Tunisian cities.

Food costs in Tunisia

They differ according to the type of restaurants from fast food restaurants to luxury restaurants and popular restaurants.
And the costs of supermarkets that sell food products.
Food costs in Tunisia range from $ 0.13 to $ 14.

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