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The largest oil producer in the world

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producing country in the world; its production rate reaches approximately 1324% of the oil consumed around the world, and Saudi Arabia produces approximately 260 billion barrels of oil, and it should be noted that the Kingdom has the second largest reserves of Oil after Venezuela.

The largest oil field in Saudi Arabia

The Ghawar oil field is the largest oil field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is also the largest oil field in the world, where the field produces approximately five million barrels of oil per day, more than half of the oil production extracted from all the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, and the field is located on the eastern side of the Kingdom, and it should be noted that the American Aramco company is responsible for extracting oil from this field.

Safaniyah oil field

The Safaniya oil field is located 200 kilometers north of Dhahran, in the Persian Gulf, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is considered the largest offshore oil field in the world today, and its discovery dates back to 1951 AD, and in 1954 AD Submitting proposals for building oil production facilities in the field, and the field was started operating in April of 1957 AD. About 50 thousand barrels of oil were produced daily from 18 oil wells. It is worth noting that the field is managed by Saudi Aramco.

Oil in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia possesses about a fifth of the world’s oil reserves, as it possesses approximately 266,455 million barrels of oil, knowing that all oil fields and wells can be extracted in traditional ways, and it is worth noting that there are some expectations that Saudi Arabia will surpass Venezuela in oil reserves, according to the US Geological Survey That there are more than 100 million barrels of oil present under the Saudi deserts, have not been discovered yet.

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