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Germany is one of the most advanced countries on the world level and one of the most active countries in terms of tourism, and this is due to the picturesque areas and natural scenes that Germany enjoys in addition to the many activities that take place and the means of transportation and the transportation network that it enjoys, and this in addition to scientific, technological and industrial development The immense enjoyment of this state.

What Germany is famous for


Germany is distinguished first by its distinguished location in central Europe, and this also makes it distinguished by an advanced transportation network represented in the high-speed rail network, which links the cities of Germany with each other and with neighboring countries, so the speed of the trains in the fast line reaches three hundred kilometers per hour, and Germany is the fifth most Countries use energy, so Germany developed a plan to meet half of the country’s energy needs by the year 2050 AD, aiming to exploit the wind, solar, and thermal energy in the ground.

Huge economy

Germany is also famous for its large economy, as it ranks fourth in economic terms, which has a global reputation, and Germany takes its great economic center through the services and multiple industries provided by this country, so Germany produces a large number of products and the largest proportions are in the sectors of cars, metals and machinery The company also produces solar technology in a large way at the global level.

Scientific research

In addition to this Germany is famous for scientific research as there are three centers for scientific research, which are mostly affiliated with the federal government, so these centers conduct research in various fields such as nuclear energy, research in the deep sea, renewable energy sources, how to use it and various industrial fields, as there are centers Another research is entirely affiliated with the federal government, so the government’s expenditures on scientific research reach nearly one billion euros annually, while the research centers of the private sector reach their expenditures on scientific research to one billion dollars annually.

the culture

Culture also occupies a large part in German society, as various cultural activities last throughout the year such as the week of Berlin celebrations, and this is in addition to German literature and philosophy, which was written throughout the German civilization, and there are thousands of museums in Germany that display many art pieces in different The fields include the Band Museum, which contains many sculptures and artifacts, and the German Museum, which contains many scientific innovations, such as the first car and the first electric dynamo.

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