Where are the pyramids located in Egypt

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Egypt, mother of the world, with a long history spanning more than 7000 BC, has been loved by God for the beauty of its nature and temperate climate throughout the year, its suburbs, temples and monuments scattered throughout the cities of Egypt as a whole, containing within it one of the seven wonders of the world, the pyramids, that massive structure that tells The strength and ambition of the rulers of Egypt, do not complete your journey to it without spending time in the pyramids and the Sphinx, the most famous landmarks of tourism in Egypt, fascinating the hearts of tourists, with their splendor and elegance.
In the next report, we will answer the most important questions about the Pyramids of Giza, and we start with the most important question on your mind, which is where are the pyramids of Egypt located, how can you reach them and the most important activities that you can do during the visit?
Here is the answer with maps that guide you.

Where are the pyramids located in Egypt - Where are the pyramids located in Egypt

Where are the pyramids located on the map?

The three pyramids are located in one of the governorates of Egypt, Giza Governorate, specifically on a plateau known as the Giza Plateau, about 13 kilometers from the Nile, and located about 8 miles west of Cairo.
The following map shows where the pyramids of Egypt are located, more precisely and precisely, on Google Maps:

How to reach the pyramids of Egypt

After we got to know the location of the pyramids of Egypt on the map, we learn how to reach them using different means of transportation.
The distance from Cairo to Giza is estimated at about 18.8 km, which is approximately 35 minutes by driving across the Ring Road and Cairo-Central. You can take the direction directly to the southwest of Cairo, Abdel Qader Hamza Street, heading to Mohamed Mahmoud Street.
You can also reach in 33 minutes and travel a maximum distance of 13.8 km through another path shown in the map, you can see it below.

The most important activities in the Giza Pyramids

After we know where the pyramids are located, you can have fun while visiting the three pyramids and wandering around them by renting camels for a specific time or on foot and taking the coolest memorial photos.
You can also make a visit to Abu Al-Hool, the majestic statue located near the Three Pyramids of Egypt, and learn about its history through its tour guide who is fluent in more than one language … Read more
Now, do you have other questions in your mind about where the pyramids are located and how to get there? If you have other questions, please add them via the comment box below, and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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