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Pharaonic civilization

Among the most prominent and most important civilizations that have passed through the African region and whose impact has extended to the spatial dimensions in the same era to affect all parts of the ancient world, and in the temporal dimensions throughout history so that their influence and the fascination of nations will continue to this day and with all this scientific progress that humanity has witnessed, are Pharaonic civilization. Pharaonic civilization existed in Egypt, in the Nile Basin region, and this great ancient civilization became famous for the great progress that this civilization has reached, as it had reached the pinnacle of development at that time, and the progress made by paper was difficult for any other nation to You reach it, because the ancient Egyptian civilization was a civilization distinguished by all standards, revolving around the orbit of creativity and development.

Egyptian pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids are one of the most prominent landmarks of Egypt in all times and times, due to the symbolism and great importance of these pyramids and their mastery, beauty and splendor. The Egyptian pyramids are the three largest pyramids, which is the pyramid of Khufu, the second pyramid which is the pyramid of Khafre, and the third pyramid which is the Menkaure pyramid. We can say that the pyramids are the tombs of the great kings who passed through the Pharaonic civilization and Egypt.

Where are the pyramids located

The three Egyptian pyramids are located in the Giza governorate, one of the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt. As for its location in this governorate, it is located on the plateau known as the Giza Plateau. This governorate is in turn located on the west of the Great Nile River. And each of these great and eternal pyramids bears the name of the Pharaonic king in which he was buried, and this king is the one who built it before he died too. As for the reason for the hierarchical form of the tomb, without the other three-dimensional engineering shapes, such as the cube, the cuboid, or any other three-dimensional shape, it can be said that the reason for the pharaohs’ attachment to the hierarchical form is that they believed that the pyramid shape helps in reaching the sky and reaching the idol, and this appears One of the effects they left, which shows their religious beliefs, which they believed.

Monuments and effects

Abt the eternal Egyptian civilization, only to leave the great monuments behind, which indicate the amount of greatness that has reached it, and which fascinates people of all their types, types, and races. Among the most prominent effects that this great civilization left, which indicates the size of beauty that was revolving around this orbit, are the three Egyptian pyramids.

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