What is Turkey famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Turkey is known as a country located in the Middle East, and is bordered by the Black Sea and Georgia on the northern side, Armenia and Iran on the eastern side, and Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea bordering the maritime borders with Cyprus on the southern side, the Aegean Sea, Greece and Bulgaria on the western side, and this made them of strategic importance It is a major regional power, and it is a member of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization. It is also a secular, democratic, border, and constitutional republic with an ancient cultural heritage. This state was the center of Ottoman rule that lasted until 1922 AD, after which Kamal Atatu was established. As the Turkish Republic in 1923.

Turkey is most famous


Tourism is the most important factor that Turkey is famous for, due to its distinctive nature that combines different civilizations, as there are many wonderful and varied terrain, and this makes it one of the areas with distinctive tourism activity, where mountainous hills that oversee many scenes are common. The landscape is picturesque, and there is also a coast that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

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There are many cities that attract visitors, and tourism is active in Turkey, such as: Istanbul, which is distinguished by its location between the continents of Asia and Europe, and it contains many famous landmarks, such as the Hagia Sophia Museum, which was at the beginning of it is a church, then turned into a mosque, and as a result The wars and turmoil that the country went through turned this landmark into a historical museum, in addition to it contains a group of ancient archeological mosques, such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

Turkish cities

The most important of what Turkey is famous for its wonderful cities, and the most important of them: the coastal city of Bodrum, everyone who visits it enjoys swimming, recreation, boat rides, and delicious seafood, in addition to the active coastal city of Antalya, but differs from the city of Bodrum by being a port for ships and boats, This made it contain a large number of restaurants and hotels, as well as the waterfalls, such as: Dodan River Falls.

Turkish industries

Turkey is famous for some high-quality industries, such as Turkish clothing known for its reputation and reputation in various regions around the world, in addition to being one of the countries that exports clothing to the Arab countries and neighboring countries. It is noteworthy that the city of Antalya is one of the cities that contains factories for manufacturing leather jackets, and this What makes Turkish leather low in price because it is one of the available industries, and finally Turkey is famous for making various food items of delicious taste, and various dishes offered in Turkish restaurants and kitchens.

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Medical Tourism

Turkey is distinguished by its multiple areas that visitors and tourists visit for treatment, and the most important of them are: hot springs that treat various skin diseases, and these springs are located in the Marmara Islands, and this is what makes Turkey one of the countries characterized by its various tourism, as the destination to Turkey finds many areas that send For pleasure and comfort due to the environmental factors of a special and attractive nature.

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