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Amsterdam Channels

These channels were known in the seventeenth century as Ring Ring, and they were also included in the list of UNESCO archaeological sites in 2010. These channels are among the most famous and most popular tourist places in the city of Amsterdam, where historical buildings dating back to the seventeenth century give aesthetic value Especially on this place.

Van Gogh Museum

The history of the establishment of the Van Gogh Museum dates back to 1973 AD, and is dedicated to displaying artworks of Vincent Van Gogh, and it includes 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and 700 letters arranged and coordinated in a way that clarifies the stages of life of Vincent Van Gogh, and the museum also contains some artwork that It belongs to contemporary artists, and also offers lectures and art workshops for its visitors.

National Monument

The National Monument was founded in 1956 AD on the eastern side of Dam Square, in order to commemorate the Second World War, and all Dutch soldiers who died in defense of their homeland. The limestone monument represents the suffering of the Dutch people during the war, and their unbridled desire to live in peace.

Bicycle rental stores

Amsterdam has many stores that specialize in renting bicycles, as bicycles are considered one of the main means of transportation in Amsterdam, as many of the city’s residents use them to go to work or do other recreational activities, and it will be easy for the tourist to move in the city using bicycles, given The availability of its own paths on the roads, in addition to private parking.

Rick’s Museum

The Rijks Museum is the first national museum in the Netherlands, and it provides detailed explanation of the development of Dutch life and culture from the Middle Ages up to now, and a visitor to the museum can enjoy seeing the finest Dutch works dating back to the golden age, such as the painting by the milk seller (Johannes: TheMilkmaid) by Johannes Vermeer.

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