Where is Guangzhou

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Guangzhou city

It is one of the cities located in the east of the Asian continent, specifically in the south-central part of the Chinese country, and is administratively affiliated to Guangdong Province, and is located on the Pearl River, one hundred and twenty kilometers from the northwestern side of Hong Kong, and a hundred and forty-five kilometers from the side It is bordered by Macao, north, northwest, northwest by Qingyuan, from the southwest and southwest by Foshan, from the eastern side of Huizhou, from the northeastern Zhaoqing, and from the southeastern side, Dongguan, and the total area reaches To the city, to seven thousand four hundred and thirty four square kilometers, and over thirteen million people live on it.

the climate

The city is affected by the sub-tropical humid climate, where the weather during the summer is humid with high temperatures, while during the winter it is moderate with a relative drought, and the average annual rainfall reaches one thousand seven hundred millimeters, and the city receives a thousand six hundred and twenty-eight hours from the sun Annually, the average annual temperature reaches twenty-two degrees Celsius, and the annual average relative humidity reaches about sixty-eight percent.

touristical monuments

The most important sights in the city:

  • Shamian Island: It is the sand island located in the Liwan region. During the nineteenth century, the island was divided into two parts, one controlled by France and the other, the United Kingdom, and the most important characteristic of it is that it contains many pedestrian paths surrounded by dense trees, historical buildings with many service buildings such as hotels, homes Young people, restaurants, and tourist shops such as antiques, souvenirs.
  • Huaxing Mosque: It is the main mosque in the city, and it was rebuilt more than once, and the first date of its construction dates back to one thousand three hundred years ago the Tang Dynasty, making it one of the oldest mosques in the world.
  • Guangdong Museum: The museum’s history dates back to the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine on a total area of ​​forty-three thousand square meters, and contains many distinguished exhibitions that contain notices in the English language, and this facilitates the understanding of the history of collections for the largest proportion of foreign visitors.
  • Canton Tower: It is known as the Guangzhou Tower, it is located in the Heizou District, and its opening date dates back to the twenty-ninth day of September of the year two thousand and ten during the Asian Games, and at that time it was the tallest man-made building, and now ranks third as the tallest tower, and the fifth rank as the tallest existing structure The world itself, and the most important characteristic of the tower is that it is located in the middle of an open courtyard, which makes it an important and attractive landmark.



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