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Jebel Ali is located in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the Emirate of Dubai, where it is approximately thirty kilometers from the city center, towards the west towards the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. And near the Jebel Ali area, there are several important areas and landmarks, including: Dubai Marina, Dubai Investment Park, Jumeirah Golf Courses, Palm Jumeirah, and others.

About him

The area has been designated for the establishment of one of the largest international ports, and this port has been called the Jebel Ali Port. The region also includes a large aluminum factory, which is the Dubal Factory, which is characterized by its importance at the regional level.

With the passage of time, interest increased little by little in the region of Jebel Ali, until it became connected to the city, as it included many vital areas and distinctive landmarks, as residential areas were built, a large commercial center, a satellite reception station, a special hotel, and most of all Jebel Ali Free Zone.

The free zone in it

The free zone is located near Jebel Ali to the south side of Dubai. It was launched in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five, as it developed into a huge business complex. The free zone started small, as it had only nineteen companies, and after it had grown and grown, it has attracted more than seven thousand and one hundred companies, and it is still achieving continuous growth and escalation.

The free zone contributes significantly and effectively to the emirate’s economy, as it is an important and vital headquarters for thousands of companies that belong to many countries of the world, and it provides approximately one hundred and thirty five thousand job opportunities, in addition to being a major polarizer of investments at the country level, where The investments attracted by the Jebel Ali Free Zone alone exceed twenty percent, making it the first in this field.

As for exports, the free zone accounted for half of the entire exports of the Emirate of Dubai. The value of these exports is estimated at approximately sixty-nine billion US dollars.

The free zone is distinguished by providing a work environment that helps and works to achieve profits without taxes, and without the need for a partner with Emirati citizenship. It is worth noting that the Jebel Ali Free Zone is mainly managed by the Free Zone Authority, and it is also concerned with the affairs of the port established in Jebel Ali, which ranked ninth in the world in terms of the number of containers that are handled in it. The free zone also provides many important and major services, such as distribution and storage, that benefit companies’ business there.

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