Where is Salah al-Din Castle located?

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Salah al-den al-ayobi’s castle

Salah al-Din Ayyubid castle is not limited to only one region, but there are 3 castles with this name, two of them in the Levant and the third in Egypt. As for those who are located in the Levant, the first is in the Syrian Arab Republic and the second is in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. But there is only one that the Nasser al-Ayyubid Salah al-Din – may God have mercy on him – built it, and it is the castle in the Arab Republic of Egypt and let’s start with it. It is worth noting that these three castles are beautiful castles, whether the building is beautiful or the site is beautiful.

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Citadel (Egypt)

Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Castle is named after Qalat al-Jabal because it is located on the famous mountain in Egypt known as Jabal al-Muqattam, and Jabal al-Muqattam is the edge of the valley known as the Eastern Valley in Cairo. Salah al-Din began building this castle, and it was completed during the reign of Sultan al-Kamil bin al-Adil, and al-Kamil was the first inhabitant of this great castle. This great castle has multiple doors, including Al-Moqattam, the new door, the castle door and the central door. As for the castle towers, they are (Al-Tarfa Tower – Al-Balat Tower – Desert Tower – Al-Haddad Tower – Al-Imam Tower – Airport Tower – Kar Kilan Tower – Al-Maqsour Tower – Al-Ramla Tower – Al-Alwa Tower – Al-Safa Tower – Al-Mokattam Tower – Square Tower – Desert Tower), and it contains This castle has many monuments, including the Dar al-Darb, the Mosque of Nasser bin Qalawun, the Palace of Al-Jawhara, the Palace of the Sanctuary, the Police Museum, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, Bir Yusuf, and the Military Academy School.

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Castle (Syria)

This castle is also called Zion Castle. This castle is located in the east of Latakia governorate in the Syrian Arab Republic, on top of a high mountain peak known as the mountains of the Syrian coast. In the old and until recently, this castle was called the fortress of Zion, and its name was changed to commemorate the Islamic leader Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi. Many great civilizations and countries have passed through this great castle, and they have played an important role in all times and times.

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Citadel (Jordan)

This castle is also named after the Ajloun Castle, or as the Castle of Al-Rabad. From its name, this castle is located in the Jordanian city of Ajloun, on the mountain known as Jabal Bani Awf, where this mountain overlooks the valley of Al-Yabis, Kafranjah and Rajab. This castle was built to be the point that protects the pilgrimage and transportation lines that link each of the Levant and the Hijaz region in the Arabian Peninsula.


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