If you are about to travel on a tourist trip, there is no doubt that you need some medical advice to complete your trip safely without problems, so keep this article to refer to it at the time of need during any tourist trip you intend to spend! .

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General medical advice:

1. Some people suffer from transportation sickness, which is controllable, just take some pulp to reduce the symptoms of vertigo. Consult your pharmacist, there are always safe medicines that you can take if you need them on your trip. 2. Take some backup medications with you, such as analgesics and hypothermia, to find them whenever you need them without difficulty. If you have children, do not forget about regular medications, such as hypothermia, laxative, and colic medicine if the child is breastfed. 4. Make sure to know the hospitals near your place of residence so that you are not confused if something sudden happens.
5. If you suffer from a sudden health problem, do not hesitate to go immediately to the hospital, you certainly do not want to spend your trip in bed.

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6. If you have a chronic illness or a patient with a chronic illness accompanies you, be sure to take all the medications you need throughout the flight. 7. Learn some first aid lessons, you do not know when you need them. 8. If you are ill with diabetes, stress or accompany a patient, do not hesitate to inform one of your companions. A diabetic must always carry a piece of candy in his pocket for emergencies. 10. Some hotels offer medical service around the clock with a permanent doctor, so don't hesitate to ask about it. 11. In the event of a wound or similar treatment dealing with the basics of first aid, stop the bleeding and cleanse the wound, and if necessary, go to a member of the hotel to provide aid or take you to the hospital if necessary. 12. Some medical diseases need special treatment in the event of accidents and urgent matters. If you are sick or take a certain medicine for a long time, take a sheet of paper in your papers stating your medical history and the medicines you take for emergencies, God forbid. Finally, we wish you a happy, safe and free travel from Any medical emergency, God willing.

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