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Sicily is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, extending from the Apennine peninsula to Mount Etna, which is the most active and longest active volcano in the world, and is located in the south of the Alps with a height of 3320 meters, and there are many small islands around it similar to the Aeolian Islands, and are also found in The southern part of Italy, and enjoying autonomy, this island has enjoyed great importance because it has an important strategic location, as a way of trade, and Archimedes is one of the sons of this island, which is considered one of the most prominent ancient scholars.

Sicilian geography

It possesses a shape closer to the triangle and that is why it was called ancient Trinacria. The Strait of Messina, which is located in the east, is the boundary that separated it from the italyn Calabria. 1484 km, and the total area of ​​the island is 25,711 square miles, and its total area with the small islands surrounding it is 27,708 square kilometers. The southeastern side, and the climate prevailing on the island is the Mediterranean climate, where the temperature in summer reaches 44 degrees Celsius, and cold in winter.

History of Sicily

There were three groups of ancient peoples on this island, and the inhabitants are considered the most famous of these peoples. Important historical evidence has been discovered, which are drawings of the caves inhabited by the inhabitants. These drawings date back to the end of the Pleistocene era, that is, in the year 8000 BC, and have been found in The last period of many dolmens on the island, which dates back to the second half of the third millennium BC, and in 1200 BC peoples moved to the eastern part of the island, after the arrival of the Elemite tribes who came from italyn Liguria, and the Phoenicians and the Egyptians also, And no Liberians from groups that inhabited the island at the time, then passed the island in the ages of many Greeks Kasr, Romens, Byzantine, and Arab, then joined Italy.
It contains many tourist areas, due to the many eras through which it passed, and its warm and beautiful weather, in which there is an archaeological garden in the Valley of the Temples, Villa Romena del Casale, the Aeolian Islands, the towns of the Noto Valley, Syracuse and Necropolis Pantalica, and contains many castles And contains fifteen cities joined to the rule and most famous of Catania, Palermo, and contains many railways, ports, and airports, and has a special language which is Sicilian in addition to italyn.

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