The Aquarium is one of the most famous aquatic zoos in the world, and it is one of the parks that many tourists seek to go to because it is one of the beautiful and distinctive places, through which many different activities can be practiced besides enjoying a distinguished time, and we will get to know Together on the Aquarium water park in Turkey through this article.

The location of the aquarium in Turkey:

Aquarium is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is the capital of Turkey, and that park can be accessed in a simple way because its location is very special, and famous as the park is located in the Florya region which is near the beach, and the park is also close to the famous Ataturk International Airport area in Istanbul, so the Aquarium is easily accessible.

Advantages of the Aquarium Park in Turkey:

  • The area of ​​the water park is very large, and this is one of its most important advantages. The area of ​​the aquarium in Turkey is estimated at twenty two thousand square meters, and it is filled with about seven thousand cubic liters of water.
  • Aquarium garden includes a large number of ponds, which are not equal, where there are some large ponds and also some small ponds, depending on the type of fish in them, as the large ponds are dedicated to large and predatory fish, the most famous of which is sharks.
  • Aquarium Water Park includes a large number of diverse fish, which number more than one thousand five hundred different species, and that of fish only.
  • Aquarium also contains a large group also of some other marine creatures, which number about fifteen thousand other species, which include some types of water reptiles, along with some types of marine birds and also amphibians that capture the eyes.
  • The most important characteristic of Aquarium in Istanbul is that it has been divided into varieties, where there is a section dedicated to some types of fish and other marine creatures, which live in the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the places near Turkey, among which the Black Sea is also, while there is another section that includes a large number It is among some fish and other marine creatures that live in other areas including the Red Sea, as well as the Gulf of Panama along with the Pacific Ocean.

The most important beings found in Aquarium:

  • The Aquarium in Istanbul has a very large number of small marine fish, alongside predatory sharks.
  • The Aquarium also has a very large number of crocodiles along with a large number of marine frogs.
  • There is also a group of predatory marine creatures in the aquarium, among which are the snakes. The most famous species of snakes found in the aquarium is the anaconda, and it also contains a large number of different snakes.

Services available at Aquarium in Turkey:

  • Aquarium is available in a large number of services, including a restaurant to provide entertainment and enjoy a pleasant time for the visitor.
  • The Aquarium has a distinctive café, and offers the most beautiful and varied beverages that appeal to many people.
  • The Aquarium also provides a dedicated shopping site, which has many distinct souvenirs, as well as a large variety of toys, most of which are in the form of marine creatures found in the aquarium and various fish.
  • The Aquarium Water Park also provides a cinema, and it is considered one of the most beautiful cinemas, with many movies equipped with 3D technology, along with some special and attractive effects for shows.

The date of visiting Aquarium in Turkey:

Enjoying a good time in the Aquarium can be enjoyed by visiting it at any time of the week, at the appointed time, which is from ten in the morning until eight in the evening every day.

The price of admission ticket for the aquarium in Turkey:

The cost of the ticket for visiting the Aquarium is different, depending on the age, whereby the amount of forty-two Turkish liras is paid only for adults, and for children, the value of the ticket is paid for one child twenty-nine TL only, and for those with special needs they are charged like Children’s ticket price.

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