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Aleppo city

The city of Aleppo, which is located in the Syrian Arab Republic, is one of its largest cities, whether in terms of area or even the number of residents, and it is known as the first industrial city in the state, and thus it forms the backbone of the industrial and commercial movement in it, in addition to being an important cultural center, and a tourist with distinction, and it is estimated The population of this province is more than four and a half million, and as such it is also the largest city in the Levant in terms of population.

Aleppo city site

The city of Aleppo is located in the northwestern part of the Syrian state, located on the Asian continent, where it is three hundred and ten square kilometers from the capital, Damascus, and it shares in its northern section the border with the Turkish state, and is known as a city built on a plateau, known as the Aleppo plateau. .

The succession of civilizations in Aleppo

It is known as the oldest inhabited city in the world as a whole, and in the old it was the capital of the Amorite Kingdom, which is known as the Kingdom of Yamadh. Many civilizations succeeded in this city, where both the Hittites, and also the Arameans, and after them the Assyrians, and the Persians, and also the Hellenists, came to know After them the Romens, and then the Byzantines, until it was conquered by Muslims.

The city of Aleppo was known as the capital of the Hamdanid state during the period of the Ottoman era, where the borders of this state extended to the area of ​​the Euphrates Island and even to the city of Mosul.

The doors of the city of Aleppo

The ancient city of Aleppo is famous for the presence of the wall that surrounds it in all its aspects, and we find in this wall several doors that lead to the inside of the ancient ancient city, where these doors were closed in the past in the face of the invading invaders, so that the wall would face the fiercest and fiercest attacks, and even today we find traces of some strikes If it was from the catapult or even from the spears, it is still witnessed as a scar in the fence or the nine gates of Aleppo, of which only five doors are still preserved to this day, and these nine doors are: the iron gate, the door of victory, the door of the vulva, the door of the gin, the door of the nirab , The door of Antioch, the door of Kansrin, and the door of the Maqam And the door of the red.

Archeological sites in the city of Aleppo

The city of Aleppo is famous for its many archaeological sites and historical buildings, which date back to very old times, as the most famous of which is the Citadel of Aleppo, which rises above sea level by 50 meters, was built in the first millennium AD, and also we find several schools, where there is the Halawiya School, which was built in In the year one thousand one hundred and twenty four AD, and it was originally a Romen temple and then converted to the Church of St. Helen, and then it became the Halawiyya School, and also the foreground school which is considered a religious school built in the year one thousand one hundred and sixty-eight AD, in addition to the virtual school, which dates back to Ben Iha to one thousand two hundred and seventeen AD, the school Bowl built by Sultan al-Zahir Ghazi, and we find Alagamah library which was built in the twelfth century palace body.

We find in the city of Aleppo many bimarstanas, in addition to the court, ancient archaeological houses, silos of the Sufis, and the mosques of wide fame, especially the Umayyad University, as well as the Khusrawiyya Mosque, the Tutta Mosque, and many old churches such as the Church of the Forty Martyrs, the Church of the Virgin Mary, and many of the Khans And the markets are very popular.

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