Where is the city of Najd located?

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The city of Nejd is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the region of Nejd is located in the provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The reason for naming the city of Najd

The word Najd is an expressive Arabic term meaning the place is very high, and there are many regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia nicknamed the name of Najd, the most famous of which is the city of Najd which mediates the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and distinguished from the rest of the regions in the name of Najd Al-Hijaz due to its ancient history that dates back to the pre-Islamic period and the dawn of Islam, and was called Other regions throughout history with this name, including the separator between Yemen and Tihama, and the separation between Iraq and the Levant, but the Hijaz is the only region that has preserved this name throughout the ages.

Climate of Najd

The city of Najd is distinguished by its continental climate, which is hot in the summer and cool for most of the winter months. A clear and large difference in temperature is observed between night and day, so it is warm in the day and very cold at night. The amount of rain falling on this region varies from year to year, but it is characterized by its severity in Most of the time, which causes floods to be filled with water and runoff. Dams have been built to exploit this water. The high southern region is exposed to hail and snow in the winter season.


The city of Najd is inhabited by more than a million people distributed among its cities, villages and desert Bedouin areas in it, and the Bedouins of the Najd region constitute half of the population of this city, while urban areas are distributed between the incidental exit area and the area of ​​tattoo, Qassim and Aflaj.

The city of Najd through history

One of the first kingdoms to be found on the land of the city of Najd is a kinda kingdom in 400 BC which was an extension of the kingdom of Sheba in the region, and the kingdom was known in the past as a village with an elderly relative to the elderly of one of the gods at that time, but in the period after AD it joined these The region to the Kingdom of Jamir, which helped the emergence and development of the Arabic language later.

Many of the tribes of Najd entered into the religion of Islam during the call of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, but many of them retreated from the Islamic religion after the death of the Prophet, and others refrained from paying the Zakat money, as appeared among them was the Muslim liar who claimed the prophecy, which was paid by the Caliph Abu Al-Siddik went to send armies to fight and eliminate them.


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