Where is the first wax museum in the world?

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Wax Museum

Wax Museum is a type of museum that specializes in displaying statues and statues made from wax material, and the majority of statues are for human beings famous in various fields and areas of life, some of them are contemporary personalities, others are from ancient history, and people love to visit these museums and take pictures with celebrities, As if they had come across them on the ground and it is the most famous wax museums in the world; the Madame Tesud Museum in the British capital London, the Griffin Museum in the French capital Paris, and the wax museum in the Chinese capital Hong Kong located in the Peak Tower.

The site of the first wax museum in the world

The first wax museum in the world was established in the year 1825 and it is the Madame Tussaud Museum in the British capital London, and people used to queue in front of it; there are more than three hundred statues of politicians and artists from Hollywood, pop singers and even fairy characters from movies, and even The royal family, the British Queen and her family. The museum has become with time and two hundred years ago its establishment is an attractive factor for different types and segments of visitors. What distinguishes this museum is that it is close to reality. Clear with every detail Choosing the colors of eyes, hair, and clothing, and some celebrities may even donate the original dress to put on the statue to become more authentic and the Wax Museum is a fictional thing for children, where they can see with their own eyes Batman and Spiderman and their heroes coming from the fantasy world, but this time on the ground, and by taking pictures With them also.

History of the Wax Museum

The beginning of this museum was like a traveling theater, then Madame Tesud settled in London and opened this museum, and this is in the year 1825 AD, and it is sixty-four years old, and this museum today has branches in twenty capitals around the world, and the London Museum has so far been visited by more than half a billion people From all over the world, approximately twelve statues are added annually, and making one statue takes four months, and the value is two hundred thousand euros, and there is a young man in the museum wearing clothes as long as Madame Tesud tells the story of this lady, Mary Madame Tesud was born in France in the year 1761 AD, and learned the art of Wax carving by physicist Philip Matte Kurtz, lost Her mother used to work for him and from him she learned sculpture, and he was a sculptor in addition to the medical profession, and it was the first wax statue she made for Voltaire in 1777 AD, and she made other statues of French philosopher John Jacques Rousseau, Benjamin Franklin, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.


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