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Jordan’s highlands

The mountainous hills are among the most prevalent topography of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, so the height levels of their peaks ranges between 850 meters in the Ajloun region and 1854 m in the Ma’an region such as Jabal Umm Al Dami which is the highest mountain in Jordan, followed by Jabal Rum on the rise, and Wadi Rum is located within the borders of Jabal Umm Al Dami This is our Arab travelers article.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is considered a magnet for tourists, as many tourist camps spread throughout its territory rather than hotels, due to the fact that hotels are not allowed in it as a natural reserve. Bedouin tribes live in it, and it has become a semi-inhabited area in which there is a military school and a security center point that belongs to the Jordanian Badia forces, and what distinguishes the tribes that inhabit Wadi Rum is that they retain authentic Arab customs and traditions, old Arab dress, and camel breeding.


Wadi Rum is located in an area surrounded by mountain peaks that are considered the highest in the Kingdom, namely Umm Al Dami and Jabal Rum. Wadi Rum is located to the northern side of the city of Aqaba in the south of the Kingdom.

As for the capital, Amman, it is located to the south of it, and is separated by a distance of approximately seventy kilometers, and the visitor heading to Wadi Rum must follow the main road of the valley, which branches from the desert road to the eastern side to the village of Rum, and separates a distance of up to five kilometers between Wadi Rum And the city of Quwira, and the distance between the main road and Wadi Rum is about thirty-five kilometers.


Wadi Rum is distinguished from other valleys by the presence of tall mountains in it, which have a height of one thousand eight hundred meters above sea level, in addition to the fact that these mountains are of a rocky nature.

As for the valley itself, it is a wide, sandy plain, where the area that embraces Wadi Rum takes the rectangular shape, extending from the south of the Sharaa Heights and Ras Al Negev to southwest of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.


Wadi Rum is located within the golden tourism triangle that was approved by the Jordanian government and the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism. This triangle includes the three southern tourist areas which are Wadi Rum, Petra, the Rose City, and the Gulf of Aqaba. These three regions witness tourism activities that include camping, climbing, and tour in addition to Use of SUVs.

It has also become a racetrack for the camel race held annually there, and it is worth noting that the process of promoting tourism to Wadi Rum began in conjunction with filming Lawrence of Arabia in the sixties, and then followed by filming the Red Planet films, converts, and The Face.

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