Where to go in Barcelona

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Tourist attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona has many attractions:

  • The Holy Family Church: It is the most visited tourist destination in Barcelona, ​​and it is a huge temple designed by the architect Antonio Gaudi, and it is still under construction since 1889 AD, and it may take a period between 30 and 80 years to complete, and this depends on the available resources and funds.
  • Poble Espanyol de Montjuic: It simply means the village in Spanish, and it is a place where the person can see the various aspects of typical rural life in Spain, and is famous for its handicraft and archaeological shops, and the most attractive attraction in this place is the live flamenco show.
  • Casa Milla: Generally called La Pedrera and meaning quarry, Gaudi designed this masterpiece with a distinctive design of colored tiles.
  • Barcelona Zoo: This park includes a variety of animals, it has a beautiful restaurant, electric cars, and it has different attractions for children.
  • Picasso Museum: The Picasso Museum is a popular landmark that attracts millions of people from all over the world, and it displays the most famous works of Pablo Picasso in chronological order from its early days to its last years.
  • Miro Museum: It is a museum that includes the works of the famous artist Miro, and not only his paintings but his sculptures and furnishings as well.

Information about Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, and is an important tourist destination, due to its reputation for including the architectural works of Anthony Gaudi, and the presence of many tourist sites in it, and Barcelona also has a major global impact in trade, education, entertainment, fashion and science It is considered one of the most important trade, sport and cultural exhibitions in the world.

Cultural life in Barcelona

Barcelona has long been considered a major cultural center, with a large number of libraries and archives owned by the private sector, in addition to that it is considered one of the main publishing centers in the world, and it is also distinctive in Barcelona that it is attached to various levels such as large art galleries in the Pedralbes Palace All the way to the dockers in Ramblas.


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