Information about tourism and marketing in Dubai Square 2022

المسافرون العرب

Dubai Square is one of the favorite destinations for shopping enthusiasts from all over the world due to the abundance of shopping centers, the large area, and its vital location close to many important tourist attractions in Dubai, including Dubai. Thanks to the construction of this distinctive destination, Emaar is known for its brilliant architectural projects and with which he participated in the establishment of this project, another pioneering company, Dubai Holding Company. As closely as possible.

Dubai Square

  • It occupies an area of ​​750,000 square meters, which is a huge area that exceeds the space dedicated to establishing more than 100 football fields.
  • Its distinctive design is inspired by a number of the most famous shopping areas in Al-Alam such as: Beverly Hills and Oxford Street.
  • All of its stores combine both interior and exterior design.
  • Most of its stores offer the opportunity to purchase products online.
  • It includes a large number of entertainment centers in addition to a group of the finest restaurants and cafes in Dubai.
  • Shopping depends on technological technologies, as it relies heavily on modern applications and fast payment methods of all kinds.
  • It includes many areas dedicated to organizing events with the help of the 3D view.
  • It takes 10 minutes on average to move to Dubai Airport, and visitors can reach Al Maktoum International Airport by car for 40 minutes.
  • The volume of investments exceeds 10 billion dirhams.
  • One of the most attractive areas for entrepreneurs due to the abundance of investment opportunities in it.

To find out more information about Dubai Square, contact Emaar at the following phone number: 80036227.
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