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Amazing places in Venice

The city of Venice hosts an amazing group of world-famous museums, and a group of places of tourist attraction, including the following:

  • San Marco SquareSt. Mark’s Square is considered the main square in Venice, and cafes and shops surround the sides of its streets, and the square is characterized by being the place to enjoy the beauty of nature and people, and in the evening you can listen to music, walk in the square and take pictures, and it is indicated that sitting at a table from Outdoor courtyard tables require a sum of money.
  • St. Mark’s Cathedral: It is a church dating back to 832 AD, and is distinguished by its beauty, as it merges between the West and the East in its architecture.
  • Doge’s Palace: This palace is located in Piazza San Marco, and it is characterized as one of the most attractive places to visit, as it was the political and judicial meeting place of the city of Venice, and it continued to do so until its fall in 1797 AD, and the palace was linked to its prisons through the famous bridge of sighs.
  • Canal Grande: This place is known as the main street in the region, and it is filled with various types of boats.
  • Ponte di Rialto: This bridge is more than 400 years old, and it is the main bridge that crosses the Grand Canal in the heart of the city, and is close to the Rialto Market. This market is known as the presence of many small stores.
  • The Galleria del AcademiaThis institution forms one of the most important art museums in Italy, and it consists of 3 historical buildings and 24 rooms, and it is advised to go early to them, in order to avoid the enormous numbers and crowds.
  • The islands of VeniceThe number of islands is 118, and one or more islands can be visited on a one-day trip, and one of its most famous islands is Murano, which is famous for producing a number of handmade glass products. It is also possible to visit Burano, which is famous for the lace and colored houses.
  • Tourist information officesThe main tourist office is near St. Mark’s Square, and most of the office’s staff speaks English.

Venice Channels

The city of Venice is known as the City of Water, because of its channels, as going to and getting to know the channels of Venice is the best way to understand the history of the city, and there are more than 150 channels in the region, and the channels are the main means of transportation for various parts of the city, and examples of their channels are: the channel The major that contains 4 bridges, and it is one of the most important and famous channels, and it is called (the street), and visitors have the opportunity to get to know it during its climb, and the city contains several famous bridges, such as the famous Bridge of Sighs.

The city of Venice

Venice is located in Veneto, Italy, and it is located between latitude 45.44 degrees and longitude 12.33 degrees, and rises above the sea level approximately five meters, and for the population of the city it reaches 51.298 people, and Venice is considered a tourist, commercial and industrial center, and the tourist trade is usually stimulated Through the establishment of several annual festivals, including festivals devoted to painting, motion pictures, drama, and modern music, and in its annual exhibition a variety of modern arts, which has been held since 1895 AD, and examples of arts that display jewelry, flour, Murano glass, and artifacts, K It is a center for shipbuilding industry.

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