Why Comoros was called by that name

المسافرون العرب

Naming the Comoros

It is believed that the name of the Comoros Islands (Juzur al Qamar) came from the Arabic name, which was derived from the Arabic word moon, where the Comoros was known to the Arab sailors before the Europeans discovered it according to their maps, and the Portuguese are also considered the first to discover the Greater Comoros island. Europeans in 1529, and it is possible that this name was given to Madagascar first before it was launched on the Comoros, according to one of the ancient Arab maps.


Comoros is an independent country that includes three islands located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa, and on the northern side of the Mozambique Channel between the eastern shore of the African continent and the island of Madagascar, and the city of Moroni (the capital of the Comoros), and the country also deals in a currency of its own called the franc Lunar (Comorian franc).

Most of the Comorians inhabit their Comorian language, which is the Bantu language related to the Swahili language, and is influenced by the Arabic language. It is also considered the official language spoken in the Comoros alongside the Arabic and French languages. As for the religion adopted by the Islanders, it is the religion of Islam, which Formed about 99% of the population of the Comoros, and most of them are Sunni Muslims, and fewer than 400 citizens, or about 1% of the population, convert to Christianity, where the owners embraced the religion in the last half of the nineties, in addition to that there is a small group of foreigners who are Hindus, Or Christians.

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The area of ​​the Comoros

The total area of ​​the islands is about 2,170 square kilometers, and it is divided into the following:

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  • Grande Comore: Grande Comore is located in the far north, and is the largest island, with an area of ​​1,148 square kilometers.
  • Moheli Island: Mohéli Island is located to the south of the Grande Comore Island, and covers an area of ​​290 square kilometers.
  • Anjouan Island: Anjouan Island is 424 square kilometers, east of Moheli Island, and there are many other small islands.

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