Wonders of the Sea World

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The world of the seas is a wide and controversial world, as it hides many secrets that man was able to know some of them and is still in the process of knowing more of them. The seas contain many types of distinct marine creatures, which are characterized by many characteristics that distinguish each type from the other. During this article, we will talk about some of the wonders of these marine creatures, which indicate the creativity of God Almighty in his creation of them.

Wonders of the sea world

  • Sea butterfly is a strange marine creature living in the frozen seabed in northwestern Russia to a depth of up to 40 meters, in a harsh region where darkness, bitter cold, and its bodies are completely transparent so that it can hide and protect itself from enemies.
  • A transparent jellyfish is a marine creature that follows the family of molluscs (invertebrates). It is found mostly in the tropics and subtropics. It resembles in its cyst shape and gelatinous texture. The water content is about 95% of its weight, and its body is devoid of mind, heart, and bones. And blood, and eyes, and has an uncomplicated stomach and digestive system; through which it can digest food, and feed on eggs and larvae of fish and marine animal plankton, and its presence is frequent in the summer season; to provide more sources of food, and has sensors through which to distinguish and perceive the danger, and to name a lamp The transparent sea is able to kill a person in less than five minutes, and it multiplies by i A team placed his eggs in a fixed place, waiting for them to hatch, and then he went to another place, supplementing his life cycle in the form of groups.
  • The marine slug; it is called the gill nude or marine rabbit, and its size is very small so that it does not exceed a few inches, and hoops, appendages and protrusions are spread on its bodies, and its beautiful and attractive colors vary according to the color of the algae that you eat; its food is considered in addition to algae, sponges, jellyfish Oysters, which helps her eat her food; her long tongue and deadly teeth, and they reproduce either by an animal of the same kind that fertilizes their eggs or performs this process by itself; where the female and male organs are found together.
  • The bloody fish is found in the Amazon River in Brazil, Mexico and the southern United States of America, feeding on meat. Its sharp teeth help it eliminate its prey and transform it into a skeleton within a few minutes, reaching a length of 15 cm to half a meter.
  • Striped eel is one of the most dangerous types of marine creatures, and is found on the beaches overlooking the Indian and Pacific Ocean, and its body is striped in black and white in the form of rings, feeding on frogs and fish, and its poison is considered deadly, so that its prey is paralyzed.
  • Fish with multiple hearts; spread in warm and tropical areas, are distinguished by their round shape, and they are blue dotted in gold, and some types enjoy the presence of three hearts, and they feed by issuing electric charges that turn into air bubbles in the water, and form a light around their jaws that attract small fish To it, so that you can eat it, some prefer its savory taste, as its meat turns from blue to white when cooked.
  • The ocean sun fish, called the unique mola mola or moon fish, lives in temperate and tropical regions, and it is one of the fish recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. It is considered the largest weight among the bony fish in the world and one of the most vertebrate producing eggs, and the most important oddity of this fish Her body is infected with forty types of marine parasites; therefore, it ascends to the sea surface, to make the seagulls devour and rid them of these parasites.
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