Adige stretches under the sunlight to form the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands and one of Tenerife’s lively jewels, day and night, and is filled with luxurious resorts and magnificent golden beaches that provide the most exciting water activities. Located in the south of Tenerife Island between the foothills of Ted and the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, architectural heritage blends with a very contrasting landscape, where visitors can indulge in whale watching to follow paths across the valleys leading to the highest peak in Spain.

Overlooking the entire island from the highest peak in Spain and appearing in the south are natural volcanic sculptures, and Adeje municipality boasts wonderful views of the protected area that includes Adeje Massif and the so-called “Raven’s Inferno”. Adeje coast boasts blue crystal waters and the most beautiful diving facilities in the world.

Adeje Highlights

Del Duque Beach, the most beautiful beaches of Adeje

Del Duque is located on Adige Beach and is considered one of the best and most beautiful beaches in the south of Tenprive. It contains the finest resorts and leisure facilities, in addition to many restaurants, bars and cafes that offer tapas, international cuisine and traditional Canary Islands food. It features pure water and clean facilities scattered along the beach. Walk on the beautiful promenade and shop in elegant boutiques.

The active Ted volcano

Near Adeje, Mount Ted is the highest peak in Spain at 12,198 feet, and the surrounding national park is the most visited natural site in Spain, for a park that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and provides stunning scenery of landscapes of craters and lava flows, and is located near the top A restaurant uses the heat of the volcano to cook its dishes, and camels can be ride to reach the summit or go on a trip in the sky of Adeje by cable car.

The most beautiful water parks in the world in Adeje

Siam Water Park is one of the best parks in the world, its features are divided into different areas for relaxation such as the “Mai Thai” River and Siam Beach, in addition to family attractions such as “Naga Racer” and “Jungle Snake”. And adventure they can visit the amazing energy tower and the frightening volcano.

Black sand beach

Berber Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Adeje, which is the main beach of the city, characterized by its black sand with therapeutic properties, and it is a safe and quiet place for swimming and recreation. Lively shops, restaurants and cafes spread along the beach.

Adeje city

The city is located a few kilometers from the inside, and it is characterized by an exciting historical neighborhood in which the essence of colonialism blends with the original essence of these lands. That is worth discovering.

Lagomera Island

Lagomera Island is the second smallest of the seven Canary Islands and the most charming of all. It is a quiet and relaxing place between mountain villages, picturesque beaches and green valleys, and contains many resorts that provide an enjoyable recreation experience.

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